How can a strong brand identity benefit your business?

Posted by James Vargas on January 11th, 2020

"Brand identity is more than just your logo"

Often when we hear of branding and marketing of the business, most of the business owners try to overlook this aspect of the business by valuing it to be a little less important than the "OTHER" very important factors which they are blindly chasing...

To all the start-up owners who think likely, I suggest you know this truth that the customer today not just wants to use the product but also connects with the aesthetic of the company brand. 

Let me explain to you with an example, there is a difference in the way people look at in having coffee at Starbucks than having it at any normal cafe. Did you get the difference? The coffee served at both the places might just differ in taste or quality, but the pride that the customer has by sipping a brand name coffee makes a huge difference in the business value. 

Well here is where the magic of branding and brand name works!

So now let's quickly know the important aspects that create a good brand identity.

  •  Start with a good company name 

Name it something that defines the product or the service that you aim to deliver to your customers.

  • The tagline 

Along with the names flows the tagline, a slogan that imprints the brand by representing the service value that the brand has for the customers.

  • Colors and fonts 

Brand colors are the most important identity that portrays how the brand wants itself to be identified and remembered by its users. It acts as a great connecting factor between the customer and the brand.

  • Your marketing messages 

In order to embark on your thumbprint in the market, the way you differentiate yourself from the other competitors in the niche matters a lot. Your marketing messages play a crucial role in making you stand out from the crowd.

  • Representation

There is a great influence on people of the way you present things to them. You want to deliver the best to your customers but the way you will let them know this is what will make the difference. Here you always have to make sure that your delivery should match with the representation of your brand.

Now when we are done with the "What makes the brand" it's time we know its benefits that can help the business grow.

  • Gives a broader aspect to your company

You might be having an outstanding service and product to give to your customer but what if there is nothing that they have to identify your service to avail it next time?

Having a brand identity helps your business feel genuine and well established in the eyes of your customers. Good service with no name mentioned or heard about will be considered as unauthorized and less approachable from the users' perspective. 

Benefits of building a brand identity for your business

  • Builds trust 

Having a brand identity will help you separate from the others in the niche. A strong brand that conveys a great emotional value for the customer and builds a connection by sharing the same values is inclined to attract more customers. These bonds make it easier for the brand to develop a long-lasting relationship with their customers to raise trust and loyalty.

  • Emboss the brand impression

Everyone in this world is different, but what helps us to differentiate each other is a unique identity that each of us carries. Similarly having a brand identity will help your customers recognize your service by highlighting it to be different from all the others in the marketplace.

A good brand image is created by the colors and the messages that represent the brand and this is what helps your customers grab the attention whenever they look at something similar and increases the chances that they think about availing your service just by the resemblance of your brand image.

  • More awareness more sales 

Branding through different posters or marketing it through social media, there are many ways for your brand to reach new audiences. This new audience increases the chances of conversions with the prospective customers to use the brand and thus improves the sales in numbers. 

Greater the reach of your brand more is the chances of increased sales of the business. Thus branding can help you see a great improvement in the annual revenue of the company.

  • Conveys stability

As the customer physiology works, having the same brand impression at all the places conveys how stable the brand is. It brings the ideology about how the owners and the people behind it are firm with its values that they keep for their business.

It shows them how important it is as a brand to keep each of these small things in mind to give their customers a consistent experience that they always desire to get. These little things of perfection and uniformity add a great value to the brand and customer experience.

Summing up

Giving your business the right brand identity can help you reach the heights that you desire for your business. The only thing to keep in mind while branding is that it aligns with the vision of your business and is done in the right target audience. Keep in mind the above-mentioned advantages of branding and start to incorporate the right changes for your business to build your brand.

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