Understanding The Concept of Gantry And The Uses of The Best Gantry Robot

Posted by Anwar Ali on January 11th, 2020

What is Gantry Robot :

A huge frame-like structure that is made from metal and it provides support to cranes, traffic signals, etc. are known as Gantry. You can say that it is a structure that is similar to a bridge. This, in turn, will support heavy equipment.

There are robots that are designed on this principle. Let us check the important details about the Gantry robot.

Details about Gantry robotic machines:

This is a modified Cartesian robot. They are also known as linear robots. A Cartesian robot has only a single base. But you will find that a Gantry robot has 2 bases. Due to the 2 bases, these robots will have the power to bear heavier loads. They will also be able to manage larger forces.

This automated system will move in linear paths. It will create a 3-dimensional space and it will work within this space. These robots have an overhead structure. The manipulator will be on this overhead structure. The movement will occur in a horizontal plane.

Understanding the uses of these gantry robotic systems:

Gantry robot is mainly used in applications where heavy things have to be picked up and placed. You can say that they are a type of robotic cranes. These robots are also used in applications like welding.

These robots are best suited for overhead work processes. They can be used in packaging, handling, inspection, laser cutting, and other such applications. These robots are very crucial in the automation industry.

The pros of these type of robots:

  • The movement is in 3 axes and it is at any length.
  • The efficiency of this type of system is very high
  • One can use it for heavy loads as well as for hanging loads
  • This is a flexible option
  • Customization of the gearbox and the motor can be done depending upon the speed and the motion.
  • They have lightweight structures and the accuracy level is also very high.

The disadvantage of these type of robots:

They do not stand freely. You will have to do a lot of mounting etc. There can be a problem in the working of these robots if there are any obstructions.

The beneficial aspects of using these robots:

The design of these robots is such that it helps in giving better performance. The cycle time is short and the results that you get are much better. It helps in increasing the speed of handling materials. This, in turn, will help in improving productivity.

Lifting and placing of heavyweight items can be done with ease. You will not require systems like cranes and forklifts if you have this type of robot. The robust design helps in giving consistent results.

These robots have a smart design, and they require very little maintenance. When you make use of the best quality robots, then you can use them almost round the clock. Robots based on the Gantry concept are a must in several industries where lifting heavy goods etc. are involved.

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