5 Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Posted by elain martell on January 11th, 2020


It is very hard for working people to clean their house often. They do not get enough time to clean all things at a time. Especially in cities like Domestic Cleaners in Chatham, it is hard for people to spare any time for cleaning. On the other hand, cleaning is necessary for a healthy environment. So, here are some simple tips to make your cleaning fast.


Cleaning In Every Step

You should start cleaning from the moment you get up from sleep. Firstly, you should make your bed as soon as you wake up. Spray your shower with cleaner after every use and wipe the floor. Do not pile up cloths for laundry after that fold and push away the cloths as soon as it is washed and dried.

Do Not Litter

Ditch the clutter as soon as possible. Not only it looks messy but also it makes it harder to keep clean to. Use the two basket and one bag technique. Take in the first space you want to declutter two empty baskets and an empty trash bag. Fill one basket with dirty laundry and one basket with items not in the room. Fill with trash in the trash bag. Then, in the next room, Take each basket and bag. Put items in this room’s clutter basket and add laundry the other basket and garbage to the bin.

Use Basket and Boxes 

Use boxes and baskets of different sizes. It will help you to get rid from pile up. Books, Magazines, toys etc. you can store in boxes and baskets. In that way you can make your house look cleaner and domestic workers can store things in order.


Five-Minute Cleaning Every Night 

Don’t keep things for tomorrow morning. In that way you have to do more work in the morning. Spend five minutes at night wiping out surface, putting away dishes or folding the laundry load. Set the breakfast dishes the night before to save time in the morning if you feel particularly energetic.


List Your Chores 

Make a list of your chores. You don’t have to clean up everything overnight. Use some checklist. You can hang a list of your chores in the front door or on the front of the fridge. It will remind you about your chores. You can also use a deadline in order to make your work efficient.

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