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Predictions, Football Trading and Profit - How to Bet and Win on Football

Posted by Arif on January 11th, 2020

If you are looking for football predictions that are guaranteed to help you win, then prepare to be amazed. Football predictions I will give you 100% accurate and guaranteed. So read on and find exactly how to predict what will happen in a soccer game:

My first prediction:

Okay, looking for my crystal ball things started to become clearer, I could see people playing football, a lot of matches, and can tell you categorically, that in more than 90% of the game would have scored a goal! Not what you expected? Try my second prediction below.

My Second Prediction:

This time I could see a lot of games in many different fields, I can see goals scored and can tell you exactly how many. There will be a 2.7 goals per game! Still not sure? So read on to discover the meaning of this information.

On the internet you will find hundreds of tips website gives a prediction for the football game, but the fact is none of us can know exactly what will happen in any given match. What we know in advance however, is the statistical information about the game, and this gives us the opportunity to approach our bets from different perspectives and more profitable.

This approach does not apply purely for football, even with any sport, if you take the time to analyze the available statistics and compare your findings with the opportunities that are available you will find that often there are areas where the opportunities offered does not reflect the chances of actually of the event venue taking. For example, not so long ago, a group of individuals committed to being able to pin-point a market in golf where they were able to get a chance to 100/1 on an actual event 50:50 chance!

Obviously, not everyone will find statistical differences as large as it is, but by knowing the statistics and facts you are in a much better position to balance risk and reward. Betting in-play is the perfect opportunity to exploit this and during the game they will always be some opportunities to maximize and minimize losses in several different markets ended with favorable results.

For example, I have identified certain tennis betting that statistically should be priced at around 20/1, but it is possible to put on the exchange at a price of 10 or better. If an opportunity like this available in a popular market, just imagine what you might be able to find in the hundreds of un-tapped market covers a large number of other sports and the betting odds.

Knowing your market, implement a strategic approach to the way in which you place your bets, and being selective will ensure your long-term profitability.

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