The Do's and Don'ts of selling watches at pawn shops

Posted by Susan California on January 12th, 2020


Other than gold, pawn shops also collect gadgets like smartphones and tablets, antiques, gems, firearms and watches, etc. Watches are one of the hottest selling items in pawnshops. Do you have an old luxury watch in collecting dust in a drawer somewhere? You can easily pawn a watch or sell it with Pawn shop watches come in different brands and fashion that are up to date with the trend. Pawnshops in Melbourne are the perfect places where you can sell off the luxury watch that you no longer find trendy in exchange for some quick cash. With that money, you can upgrade your collection to a new watch or settle whatever expenses you have to make.

However, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when selling your watches at pawnshops. Pawn shop watches maintain high quality and hence before you sell your watch you need to ensure your good is genuine and worthy. Unfortunately, pawnshops often deal with replicas of high end watches like Rolex or Omega and therefore they carefully scrutinize the watches before settling to purchase the piece from you. To ensure your watch is authentic carry the original box and paperwork in with you.

Whatever state your watch might be in, it should be running! Repairing a luxury watch costs some extra bucks that a pawnbroker would not be willing to spend. Some watches are beyond repair sometimes. Hence, pawnshops easily reject watches that are not functioning.

To increase the chances of a luxury watch to be sold, the watch should be as close to the original state as possible. This means if your watch has some links, bracelets or bands when you first purchased it but you removed it later, it would be wise if you kept those and carried them along with the watch. Whoever will buy that watch next from the pawn shop would be more impressed to see everything intact.

Now that you are aware of all the Do's and Don'ts, why wait to sell your watch to a pawn shop and get amazing loans?

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