How the Top Trademark Lawyer in Toronto Can Benefit You

Posted by Ontario Trademark Lawyers on January 13th, 2020

Nevertheless, There are many benefits if you register a trademark rather than depending on the common law rights. If you hire the top trademark lawyer in Toronto, you can enjoy the advantages mentioned below:

Benefits of Hiring a Trademark Lawyer in Toronto

1. Nation-wide protection or coverage

People who hire a trademark lawyer to register their trademark can acquire location coverage rather than rights that may be limited to a specific region or area where they trade. Moreover, business owners who plan to expand overseas may acquire rights even in other nations due to trademark registration.

2. Making sure individuality

When you opt for trademark registration, you can acquire the legal individuality in utilizing your name or logo in the business. Furthermore, a registered trademark can eradicate the risk of being prohibited from using your logo by other business owners. Traders will possibly experience legal problems when they get a letter from an attorney, which needs them to stop utilizing the symbol that is already owned by others.

3. Deterring or preventing other business owners from utilizing your symbol

When you register your trademark with the help of the top trademark lawyer in Toronto, it serves as a constructive notice to the people of your ownership of the symbol or logo. Moreover, the registrant can initiate legal actions or court proceedings for a trademark breach. This procedure deters other businesses from using your symbol in unauthorized way. Canada has its common law trademark laws that permit a trader to take legal steps to shield an unregistered symbol that is in use. Nevertheless, the common law trademark laws don’t provide much legal protection, in comparison with the registered trademarks.

Things to Consider

The term ‘trademark’ incorporates any pattern, label, brand, device, packaging, or word that can be utilized to recognize the products and services of a company from those of others. Moreover, it may be a design, logo, phrase, or a combo of all these components. There is also an array of marks that are pondered untraditional because these don’t belong to the standard categories. Maybe these marks depend on the colour, smell, or sound of an item. Also, there are logos or marks that are used popularly in explaining products rather than differentiating the goods from other business owners.

There are several cases when a trademark is possibly not registered due to some factors. For instance, a symbol is not different or may be offensive. A few logos are possibly deceptive, which implies they try to misguide people by letting others think that the goods or services provided have a specific quality that is not clear in the product. Furthermore, a mark is not permitted for being registered when it sells illegal substances or drugs, and the logos incorporate words or pictures that are possibly against the law.

To register a trademark for a video game, you can hire a video game lawyer and for a television show also contact a television lawyer right away!

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