Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid At Your First Dance

Posted by dennishahn on January 13th, 2020

You always dreamt of the day you become the bride and all those fantasies related to the wedding day. How about your first dance at your wedding? If you're stressed out for the first dance at your wedding more than anything else, then avoiding these 5 Mistakes can make your first dance memorable: -

1. Selecting the song Unwisely:

For your first dance, the song you choose to dance on is crucial too long or too short song can be problematic. People usually select their most favourite song and they don't care if it is long or short. You can't be dancing for more than 3 Minutes as efficiently as you do in the first few seconds similar too little can ruin the occasion as well.

2. Not Practicing enough:

It is very often that the bride avoids practising sessions due to the busy days just prior to the wedding. Don't do that. Enough Practice is required to ensure a good show. Start Practicing some 7,8 days before your wedding sangeet dance and the hard work will pay off as they say.

3. Timing of The Dance:

You may not like too many people coming on to the stage and moving the bodies along with you and taking your spotlight. A dance just after everyone had dinner would be the perfect time to perform your first dance as it will let you dance at the first set.

4. Not Working on Lyrics:

You ought to be knowledgeable about your lyrics before you jump on to the Stage. Listen to the lyrics attentively, and you feel it is the perfect song for your wedding sangeet dance then only go for it.

5. Trying to Outperform Yourself:

So many people make the mistake of experimenting too many things, trying so much that they miss the basics. Keep it Simple, talk to your spouse about the selection of songs, your favourite steps and just go smoothly under the spotlight. Trust your dancing shoes and just enjoy the moments. You can avail of dance lessons in Jersey City to master your performance.

If you're still nervous about your First Dance, then you may consider taking dance lessons by joining dance classes in Chantilly, VA.

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