Secrets to Believing in Yourself and Achieving Your Dreams

Posted by Jessymeshak on January 13th, 2020

I once worked with a guy from  The Light Code Review Cambodia that had escaped Cambodia during the years of rein of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge. During this time more than 1.7 million Cambodians were killed by execution or starvation. My friend and his brother watched their parents executed in front of them. One time at work he took off his shirt to change from his uniform and his back had scars and burns. Of course someone asked him about his marks and he told us that he was tortured as a little kid by having lit cigars burned into his skin. He and others were forced to lie on beds of nails which left permanent indentations.

He was one of the lucky ones to survive the ordeal and get adopted by an American family. Did he spend his time whining about his horrible situation. No. He was one of the happiest guys I knew. He had two full time jobs, a nice car and a house. He never complained at work and was always making jokes and laughing with his co-workers. He could not control his situation but he could control his reaction to the world.

There is always someone who has it worse than you. There is always someone who has defied bigger odds. We as humans just have the tendency to magnify whatever we have gone through and make it bigger than it is. Some of you have gone through things that I cannot even imagine, but if you look around there is always an example of someone who has gone through worse situations and is still doing great in their adult life. Blame and frustration will not get you anywhere. Taking responsibility in your adult life is the only way to have control over the outcomes.

I can't control the economy or current real estate prices. When my real estate investments and income disintegrated, it was my first response to complain about the uncontrollable circumstances that were happening to me. It wasn't my fault it was the lenders, it wasn't my fault it was the Government's lack of response, it wasn't my fault because the same thing was happening to a lot of people. I had to analyze the situation after a while and realize that there were things I could not control but there were things I could have.

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