Here are 5 ways to get a career boost

Posted by amrina alshaikh on January 13th, 2020

As a management professional, you are always on the lookout for ways to improve your job prospects, pay package and work profile. But this entails expanding your knowledge base and effecting systemic changes. Are you looking to boost your management career this year? Read on for 5 ways in which you can do so:

#1 Get an executive education program under your belt.

The most important and rewarding way to kickstart success in your career, is to enrol for an executive general management program. It imparts current market knowledge, and provides an important overview of how business is run across different industries and sectors. An executive education program benefits a multitude of applicants. Entrepreneurs can enrol to get a deeper understanding of how to run a business. Meanwhile, management students and employees can use it to climb the next rung of leadership.

#2 Keep taking online courses to add to your skill set.

Apart from enrolling for an executive education course, you can enrol for various short-term online courses from reputed universities. Online platforms offer courses in different streams, from administration to finance, and from data science to accounting. The courses offer tutorials to familiarise you with several key concepts, and you can take an online exam to gain your certification. These courses go a long way in adding to your skill set and portfolio.

#3 Get an area of specialisation to jump to the next level of management.

Organisations today are looking at domain experts to help them meet their financial and administrative goals. Instead of working with a general manager who has a superficial sense of how the company works, organisations are more willing to invest in managers who have an area of specialisation – this enables the latter to come up with critical solutions to benefit the former. If you want to jumpstart into the next level of management, you must enrol for an executive general management program that offers an area of specialisation.

#4 Network constantly.

Keeping in touch with peers from diverse streams as also higher ups in other sectors, is a good path to success in today’s world. You must network professionally for a variety of reasons. It helps you keep abreast of information regarding influential personalities across organisations. It also keeps you in the know of companies and head-hunters looking to recruit. It also helps you gauge industry standards for experience, pay packages, etc.

#5 Identify your next steps to negotiate a better pay package.

A big part of career enhancement is an increment in your salary. However, an increasingly competitive world has several others vying for the same position as you. It is not enough to merely complete the executive education program and await a promotion. Instead, you must first identify where you fit in the executive MBA spectrum, and which key skills you can contribute to the market. Once you know this, you are in a better position to negotiate for a job change.

These methods will help you boost your career prospects and ensure professional success for years to come.

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