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Posted by nemarampunavat on January 13th, 2020

Welcome to VR Kingdom. Get ready for an exciting adventure with our amazing VR games and experiences! Here is some information that will help you with your visit to VR Kingdom and what to expect during your experience with us.

For those of you that are really new to VR, VR stands for Virtual Reality. You wear a VR headset and you are taken into a virtual world, which is fully immersive, creating an illusion of reality (hence the name) . Well actually it is your reality while you are wearing the headset but will you be able to recognise that it is not really real, or will your eyes and brain convince you that what is happening is real??? You will only  find the answer to this question by taking the adventure!

Most of our games are multiplayer which means that you can also share the experience with your friends, making  this an even more enjoyable and memorable experience. You and your friends will be in the virtual world together, where you need to work together as a team to solve the puzzles of the escape rooms, or work together to fight off an attack of zombies or sci-fi robots in our shooting games.

All our games are free roam, this means that you will not be tethered to a cable or have to sit in a chair but will be able to walk and move around freely within the designated game space. This adds to creating the illusion of reality and allowing interaction with each other. For our escape rooms we use the HTC Vive Pro with a wireless adaptor which means you do not need to have a backpack on while on your adventure.

Our shooting games are played in arena, with gear that will leave you guessing if it was real or not. For these games you will need to wear a backpack but it is still free roam so you can walk and move around freely. You will also wear a haptic vest that vibrates when you are attacked. The haptics add to the immersion and ensure a unique and memorable experience.  For this game we use the Zotac VR Backpack.

Each of our games and experiences enables 1-4 people to play at a time. So for our escape rooms we can accommodate up to 12 people per hour and for our shooting games, we can accommodate between between 16-48 people per hour, depending on the game. Our  games and experiences are best when enjoyed with friends, enabling a shared experience that will leave you talking about it and hopefully raving to your other friends that didn’t get to share the experience so make sure you get a photo with your friends and team members.

Most of our games are suitable for ages 12+. We have some single player games that are suitable for ages 6+ and some of these can be played as multiplayer games so please check our single player game pages for more information on these. These games also use the HTC Vive Pro with wireless adaptor so you do not need to wear a backpack for these games.

Differences between tethered and untethered VR

To experience Virtual Reality (VR) you need to wear a VR headset. The VR headset is connected to a computer which plays the VR game or experience. When the headset is connected by a cable to the computer, this is considered to be tethered VR.

There are also different types of tethered VR. You can be tethered to a desktop computer where you are fixed in one spot and cannot move around beyond the length of the cable

You can also be tethered to a backpack that contains a laptop. This allows to walk around freely within the designated space without being limited to the length of a cord. This enables a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

You can also have wireless VR that does not require a cable connection to a desktop or laptop. This still requires a computer, however an adaptor is fitted onto the headset and connects to the computer via the wireless adaptor, not by a cable. This enables you to walk around freely without being connected to a computer by a cable or having to wear a backpack laptop.

At VR Kingdom, we do not use tethered VR to a fixed computer as we believe that the restricted movement reduces the immersive experience which is what VR is all about.

We have VR escape rooms that use wireless adaptors and we have VR shooting games that use a VR backpack, both of these are considered to be Free Roam VR experiences. For more about Free Roam VR, you can visit our blog here.

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