Key Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Prefer Android App Development

Posted by Wxit Consultant Services on January 13th, 2020

In recent years, android app has came like an advancement to mobile world. There exists so many successful android applications which have captured a huge market segments. This is because android devices are smarter devices that helps provide better features to users. When applications of android ensure better experiences and facilities, it is sure that entrepreneurs prefer it over other applications. When you wish to establish as a leading online application, you can trust Android app designed by experienced developers from Best Android app Development Company.

Android OS enjoys a big share of the global Smartphone market. It covers over 88 percent of whole market when it comes to market share. That's not the only reason why business people chose Android over IOS, there are plenty of other reasons as well why entrepreneurs prefer android app development.

Here are Some of the Key Reasons :-


There available so many devices on which your users may be present. When it is about android devices, they come in different versions and screen resolutions. It is thus important to ensure that when any application is designed for android devices, it continues to perform well on different devices. Android smart device also launch in varieties of versions every year. A compact phone, stylish touch screen, rotating camera, Android-based phones have many features and excellent features and thus android applications must meet all this features well.


Another important advantage of the Android OS is the device's affordability. If an entrepreneur wants to incorporate the advanced model to maximize the flexibility benefits, it is possible with android applications. The budget does not come in the way of introducing workforce flexibility is the Android platform's choice of entrepreneurs.

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Android offers a lot of customization options as an open source platform. In a way, the development of Android app services is more complex than the development of iOS apps. Apple has limited options with a homogeneous software and hardware, while Android can take customization to the next level. Even when android applications are advanced and smarter, they allow users to enjoy enhanced and customised experienced with such apps.


The Android platform's greatest strength lies in widgets. Widgets have remained popular worldwide for a long time. On the other side, the iOS interface displays the icon's static lines. Widgets allow users to take a look at their home screen without having to open an app. Most of the android applications are smarter enough to bring in the facilities of smart widgets. This widgets of android are latest and user friendly.  


You might argue that iOS is better able to provide multitasking than its Android counterpart. Still, did you know Android has a robust feature for multitasking? People don't know about multiple Android OS features that can make multitasking easy. The features of multitasking are easy to incorporate in the android applications. This means that it allows users to enjoy more than one feature and operation on android application.

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  • ROMs

Custom ROM (Read Only Memory) can allow developers to replace Android device built-in software.

  • Custom ROM can serve as a mobile booster and improve its performance.
  •  ROM can make the device ready to stay updated with Android updates Customization and reliability are key advantages of custom ROMs and give Android phones a huge advantage over iPhones.

These are some of the reasons why developers and business owner prefer android application over other available mobile applications. There are plenty of other reasons as well. When you wish to enjoy the amazing benefits of android applications, you can trust Android Application Development in Kuwait.

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