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In this digital age, people rely on smartphones for almost everything. This encouraged mobile app developers to build applications for various purposes. However, it is essential to get your app in front of people’s eyes. So, it is vital to analyze the market trends and stay informed about the various preferences and expectations of the users. This helps in maximizing the efficiency and reach of the app. 

Benefit yourselves from the latest Mobile App Development trends that are discussed below.  


Artificial Intelligence has been a major buzzword these days. The expectations of people have skyrocketed to such an extent that they try to make electronic devices behave like a human being. Thus, AI is of great help in making apps that are interactive as well as understanding.  


Machine learning is a sub-component of Artificial Intelligence. It is nothing but the concept of feeding raw data into devices and making them self-learn.  This also includes Voice Control features. A flawless implementation of machine learning would bring about tremendous outcomes as it is much sought-after these days. 


The advancement in technology has lead to easier accessibility. From room-sized electronic machines that were used for computations, we moved on to desktop computers and further to smartphones and tablets. Now, further ahead, we are attempting to shrink the size even further and make it fit into our palms (Palmtops). A step higher, there are attempts to make tech accessories in the form of bangles or rings that could store information! So, mobile apps are being integrated with a wearable device.


It is becoming a trend to employ AR and VR in app development. This is found to have attracted relatively more users. 

However, there exists a misconception. Augmented reality and virtual reality are two different things. They must not be confused with each other. AR is adding virtual elements to an already existing environment. In other words, it is augmenting reality. On the other hand, virtual reality is making up something that doesn’t exist in reality. 


The Internet of Things (IoT) is gearing up to rule the world of technology. There are several apps that have already incorporated IoT. Life will become much more comfortable with IoT! This converts your mobile device into a remote in an instant. You can turn on/off appliances like projectors, heaters, air conditioners with your smartphone. There are even apps to secure your home and vehicles.  


Throughout the lifecycle of an app, customer engagement is a prime factor. People might need support during or after the installation of the app. But, it is practically difficult to address each and every person within the expected time. To overcome this difficulty, we have chatbots as our saviors. It is estimated that chatbots are hugely preferred in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). 


This is nothing but a digital record of your financial transactions that can be accessed by anyone who has authorized permission. This concept is being used in various sectors, including healthcare and asset management. So, creating apps with blockchain technology proves to be a very beneficial strategy. 


This is being used in various sectors. For instance, your popular dating apps are based on this technology. Beacons in the generic sense refer to light or fire that serves as a signal or celebration. As far as technology is concerned, Beacons are wireless transmitters that can be connected via Bluetooth. 


These are enterprises that use mobile devices for business activities. These types of companies need flawless mobile applications to provide uninterrupted services. More and more entrepreneurs are coming forward to invest in business mobile application development.  Thus, it has become a trend to develop apps purely for official purposes. 


Google launched Android Instant Apps that enable users to try out a part of the app without having to install it in their device. There are many cases wherein people would want to use an app but wouldn’t be able to because of the shortage of storage. With Google Play Instants, they don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. 


Technology is developing tremendously. Parallelly, business practices and app development are getting evolved into better forms. So, stay updated on the latest trends. One could also get some professional help in achieving their desired goals. INORU is one such prominent Mobile App Development Company. Check out their website for further details and appointments. 

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