What is Social Media Optimization and how to choose the best SMO Packages

Posted by Karishma Verma on January 13th, 2020

Branding your business is one of the best things you can do with your business. Building a brand is not easy; it takes a lot of effort and time. In Old days it was very hard to create a brand because the only ways to reach the people through traditional media like radio, television, and newspaper. And it required a lot of money therefore only companies having big revenue resources were able to build a brand using this medium. but social media has changed everything. Let’s see what is social media optimization and Best SMO Packages.

In today's digital World everyone knows the power of Social Media. It has really changed the world. Communication is now easier than ever. Social media has done extremely important work of bringing people closer to all parts of the world. If it has the power to shake the social, political and economic situation in the world, then it is definitely capable to change your business situation in a good way. Social Media is a powerful tool, which is used in a proper way can give you unbelievable results in the growth of your business. For that, you must know what SMO is and what some BestSMO Packages are.

What is SMO? 

SMO is generally termed as social media optimization. Few people also call it as Search Marketing Optimization. Whatever you call it, but this is the best method to build a brand for your website and to grow your business. It is a method of optimizing and integrating your website with social media in such a way that the website and your business should get shared organically by website visitors. In simple words, Social Media Optimization is nothing but promoting businesses on different social media platforms.

 There is a little bit of difference between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization. Many people think it is one and the same. But Social Media Optimization is more related to the relation between your website and social media whereas Social media marketing is a broader term whose main goal is to spread awareness on social media about your business in many ways.

How to choose the best SMO Packages?

Before we know what is suitable SMO package for our business, let's understand are various services and parameters of Social Media Optimization. The ultimate aim of SMO is to increase the visibility of your website on various social media. Because by doing that more and more people from social media will come to your website and will know about your business which will increase the chances of getting more customers. Companies providing best SMO packages will integrate all social media platform sharing on your website. Here are Activities in SMO.

  • Setting up a page on Social Medias like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Posting relevant content on this medium
  • Sharing your website on all social media platforms
  • Answering on Quora.
  • Must have YouTube Channel
  • To create blogs on web 2.0 blogging sites
  • Posting Viral Content on Website
  • Integrating Proper Social Media Buttons share buttons on your website.
  • Using Image Sharing Website like Pinterest.
  • Submitting PDF and PPTs about your business on the internet.
  • Posting regularly on all social media platforms.
  • Creating engagement to build an audience base which will help to get more social shares for your post.

Social Media Packages Pricing:

Social Media Marketing Packages included all promotional activities required to promote your business on social media. Any Social Media Packages Pricing depends on how many social activities they will do to create awareness about your business on social media. There are many companies that provide Social Media Packages in different price range but you have to choose Best SMO Packages for your business.

Each Social Media Package consists of service which we have mentioned above. There are many companies in the market to provide you SMO services. After seeing Social Media Packages Pricing you may feet that it is very costly to hire social media agencies. And somehow it is true also. But In the long run, SMO services will give you good results and you will be able to create a brand for your business.


Direct benefit of SMO services is it will impact on your revenue directly. Because after hiring SMO agencies more visitors will come to your site on a daily basis. You have a chance to convert these visitors into your customers. We advise you that there are many companies claiming that they provide Best SMO Packages in cheap rate. But you should be very careful while hiring Social Media Agencies. Because they may give you false promises. Always ask them about their current and previous projects. You can easily find whether they are doing Successful SMO for other clients or not. Based on their performance in other projects you should hire them.

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