UK Govt.exhibit new rules for fast-track visas and benifits from updated Uk Laws

Posted by Harish Vaishnav on January 13th, 2020

Recently, the UK government announced plans to introduce a new visa for eligible doctors and nurses from around the world, including India, to tackle labor shortages in the National Health Service (NHS), which is funded by the state. A new, equal, point-based immigration system would allow skilled workers from around the world to contribute to the economy, neighbourhoods and public services of the United Kingdom," says, pointing to Johnson promise of the General Election to implement an Australian point-based immigration system to recruit the "brightest and best" people from around the world.

India has been a country with the best human capabilities and opportunities since the beginning of time, providing the globe with quality services and knowledge that is known worldwide. The UK government has, of course, confirmed a new fast-track visas for doctors from countries like India. This decision by the UK government could definitely turn into a boon for the Indian doctors or the ones who are inclined towards the medical field like doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists, etc. Other major reason for this decision is  to become a sensation for Indian employees and students so that the new visa rules will become a doorway for Indians aspiring for a PR or long stay back in the UK. 

The UK ended its two-year post-study work visa offer during Theresa May's term as UK home secretary in 2012, widely seen as responsible for a major drop in student numbers from countries like India.

"The graduate route will provide an opportunity for international students, who have been awarded their degree, to stay and work in the UK at any skill level for two years. Graduates will be able to switch to skilled work once they have found a suitable job.

"It is expected that students entering the UK in the 2020-21 academic year intake will be eligible for this route. It has been announced now so that universities, stakeholders and customers preparing for the next academic year are aware of this change and could feature this as part of the plans," Thompson said.

British Council, which manages the higher education focused bilateral programme, UKIERI (UK-India Education and Research Initiative), also welcomed the move.

"It is a welcome development for Indian students and UK education institutions alike. The new graduate immigration route supports the ambitions of Indian students, who, as we know, consider post-study work option as an important factor when making their choice of studying abroad.

What the Queen commits is that Steps will be taken to grow and support the National Health Service's workforce and a new visa will ensure qualified doctors, nurses and health professionals have fast-track entry to the United Kingdom.

It is evident The nation is becoming a massive possibility for students who want to practice medicine, nursing, psychology, public health, etc in the UK, will benefit from these immense innovations and improvements in British legislation. And being a part of it would be a dream come true scenario for most practitioners and students.

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