HowToPay is a scam

Posted by FinanceBrokerage on January 13th, 2020

According to information received from reliable sources and further investigation conducted by us, Cameron Mckean, the CEO and Owner of HowToPay LTD, was a crucial figure in an alleged illegal activity, including fraud, performed by him and another company called MacroPay.

HowToPay presents itself as the “service provider” of MacroPay – a company that provides local payment services for international merchants, owned by Adam J Clarke. In other words, HowToPay is the executive arm of MacroPay, dealing with the accounts and the money.

HowToPay and MacroPay presented themselves as separate companies – the contracts are signed with MacroPay, while the service provider is HowToPay.

When one approach to HowToPay regarding problems and/or money lost in his accounts, Cameron Mckean transfers responsibility to MacroPay, claiming it is the second party of the contract, when there is no contract signed with HowToPay.

Although these claims, there are definite connections between the owners of the companies. Cameron Mckean, the founder and CEO of HowToPay, and Adam Clarke, the founder and CEO of MacroPay, are partners in another business platform called “Freedom Bank”.

“Freedom bank” is a payment & billing processor for business clients located in Australia, which allegedly Comprised from a group of global payment and billing processors, like HowToPay.

Furthermore, the operator of “Freedom bank” website is HowToPay itself. Moreover, the address registered in the Freedom Bank website is the same address of HowToPay

Mckean is the Chief Executive Officer & the Founder of Freedom Bank, while Clarke is the new Client and Merchant manager.

It can’t be denied that Mckean and Clarke are close partners, managing together a company from the same business field of their own.

Isn’t it strange that HowToPay transfers responsibility to MacroPay, claiming there is no legal connection between the companies, when the owners are such close partners?

If you are asking us, it smells like a scam.

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