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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Whether you play online Bingo, or the traditional game, you likely understand the importance of patterns in gameplay. The object of the game of Bingo is to use the numbers called to fill-in the matching numbers appearing on your game card, and if you are the first one to match the previously called pattern, then you will be declared the winner of the game. With online Bingo, you go beyond the simple diagonal, horizontal, and vertical patterns that we are all used to, and get into geometric shapes, letters, numbers, etc. When you are playing online Bingo, you need to know what pattern you are looking for, so you can call Bingo if it appears on your card. You will be responsible for watching for the pattern on your own cards.

When playing online Bingo, you don?t need to fill in your entire card; you only need to concern yourself with the numbers that fit into or make-up the pattern. In some online Bingo games, to simplify the game, sometimes your pattern will be blackout, during which time you are required to cover all of the numbers on your card to win the game. This form of the game is often used in high-stakes Jackpot Bingo tournaments. You have to pay special attention to the numbers that are called, because if you fall behind during an online Bingo game, it can be hard to get caught back up, and you could lose, even with a winning card.

Most of us probably grew up playing the version of Bingo where the player that filled in all of the numbers in the same row won the game, whether diagonal, up and down, or across the card. This type of Bingo pattern is easier to play, particularly for young players, but in online Bingo, can become boring rather quickly, which is where pattern games come into play.

Some online Bingo websites will base their patterns off of themes, maybe having a Christmas tree for some of the games in December, or a turkey for games in November. These games can be difficult to play and keep up with, as some of those patterns can get pretty detailed, and it can be hard to get all of the numbers needed to fill them in. Sometimes, the pattern may be letters that spell out actual words, such as Hi. You may play online bingo games in which your pattern is a box, cube, or other geometric shape as well. There really are thousands of Bingo pattern possibilities out there, which add more punch to the traditional game, and gives online Bingo addicts a welcome change of pace from the traditional straight patterns we are used to seeing.

Just like in traditional Bingo, the winner of the online Bingo game is the player who completes the pattern first. Some Bingo Jackpot games even take pattern games a step farther, requiring winning players to call Bingo within a certain number of balls called, if not, they don?t win the money in the prize pool. If no one wins the money, it rolls over into the next Jackpot game, until someone does.

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