How To Make Healthy Eating More Interesting

Posted by Bintu Hardy on January 13th, 2020

Weight loss and getting healthy can sometimes seem a little boring and it can be hard to stay on track. But there are plenty of ways to make that food a little more exciting and liven it up a little. Here are some ways you can try:

Try Something Different

Don’t get stuck in a routine of making the same meal constantly. This can get boring very quickly and will put you at risk of falling off the healthy eating wagon. Try cooking the dish a little differently or substituting some of the ingredients so each time you eat it, it’s a slightly different dish.

Use Seasonings To Add Flavour

Healthy eating can often be seen to be full of boring and bland flavours. There are plenty of different ways to cook foods with different seasonings - this stonehouse seasoning is packed full of flavour and doesn’t compromise on health, with it being gluten-free, vegan, low carb and much more. 

Poultry is often the meat of choice when it comes to a healthy eating plan but can get bland pretty quickly without any flavour - a poultry seasoning is perfect for that or perhaps a fajita seasoning if making healthy chicken fajitas?

Make It Fun

Why not try something new? Invent a new dish - get together your favourite ingredients for a healthy meal and try putting them together in a different way. You might even find yourself with a new favourite meal.

Check Online

There are many recipes online for different healthy eating plans so there is no excuse for getting off track. These recipes are perfect for providing you with tasty dishes which are healthy but don’t compromise on any of the flavour.

Inject A Little Colour

Sometimes it is all in the mind. Salads can be a little boring but we often find them more exciting to eat if they have some colourful ingredients such as tomatoes or peppers. It is well worth adding a little colour to your dishes to see if that makes them more fun to eat.

Don’t Fall Victim To The Guilt

Sometimes it can be tempting to use an ingredient or cook a meal that doesn’t entirely fall into your healthy eating plan. It is important to recognise that this isn’t a failure and just a minor blip and get back on track on the next meal. 

With these handy tips, you can make healthy eating more fun in no time at all.

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