Key Things You Need To Know About Acute Tubular Necrosis

Posted by vivek choudhary on January 14th, 2020

Your kidneys have tiny, tube-like structures called tubules that are responsible for removing salt, superfluous fluids, and waste products from your blood and precipitating its purification. According to a top nephrologist in Gurgaon, the condition of acute tubular necrosis (ATN) comes into being when these tubules undergo damage or destruction. ATN is basically a severe form of kidney injury. The damage so caused may lead to acute kidney failure.


o    A constant feeling of drowsiness even in the course of the day

o    A feeling of lethargy or being physically drained

o    A feeling of excessive thirst

o    An experience of dehydration

o    Fewer instances of urination or no urination at all

o    Retention of fluid inside the body causing a resultant swelling

o    An experience of frequent episodes of confusion

o    An experience of nausea and vomiting


  • ATN commonly occurs because of a deficient or absolutely no supply of oxygen to the cells comprising your kidneys.
  • Your kidneys may sustain damage or destruction on the off chance, your blood isn’t able to reach your kidneys because of a blockage or reduced flow.
  • According to a kidney specialist in Gurgaon, this deficiency in the blood flow can be the likely upshots of certain drugs and hypotension.
  • The presence of dangerous substances or toxins within your blood can also cause damage to the tubules.
  • Toxins play a role in altering the way the tubular cells function.
  • Even certain medications and chemicals such as antibiotics, radiology dyes, and anesthetics may give rise to ATN on the off chance they develop adverse reactions in your body.

Risk factors

  • According to the best urologist in Gurgaon, there are lots of factors that may put you at risk of contracting ATN.
  • Depending on your overall health condition and other underlying medical conditions the risk factors keep varying.
  • By and large, most common risk factors include:

o    The trauma developed because of a recent injury encountered by your body; in particular, the kidneys can cause the development of blood clots or other blockages in the blood vessels leading to your kidneys.

o    Because of an adverse reaction following a blood transfusion your body might take to destroying or rejecting the cells of the transfused blood which as a consequence may engender problems if your body doesn’t get an adequate supply of blood to your kidneys.

o    A shock sustained because of sepsis can result in a drastic fall in your blood pressure and slacken the circulation of blood in your kidneys – this can prove to be a very dangerous situation assuming that you already suffer from chronic problems of low blood pressure.

o    Major surgery may often cause complications as far as blood supply or circulation is concerned.


  • Time and again, ATN can become reversible in a few people who otherwise enjoy good health.
  • According to a kidney specialist doctor from a top hospital in Gurgaon, the treatment outcomes are very good assuming that there are no underlying health conditions and you’re in a position to commence treatment during the initial stages of the condition.

Note that if ATN is caused because of a different condition, the time taken for you to recover will be conditional on your general health. To get around ATN, treat conditions at Paras, the best hospital in Gurgaon that causes a reduction in the flow of blood and oxygen to the kidneys.

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