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Posted by john kabir on January 14th, 2020

Chainsaw - Buyer's Guide

A chainsaw is an important tool in the garden, summer cottage and forest plot. There is now a wide range of chainsaws for a variety of applications. Saws are powered by an internal combustion engine, mains or battery. Best Pole Saw

There is no one universal chain saw for all situations. When choosing a chainsaw, you should start with your own use: where and for what purpose is the saw going to be used? In a home garden, someone who uses a chainsaw needs different features from a machine that does forestry.

The different types of chainsaws are:

The internal chainsaw has a two-stroke gasoline engine. The power saw is powered by mains power, meaning that the saw requires an electrical plug and extension cord. In addition, there is an increasingly popular cordless saw with a rechargeable battery on the market.

Internal chainsaws are the heaviest of the chainsaws, often weighing between 4 and 5.5 kilos. Power saws are a little lighter. In terms of usability and comfort, a good balance and the right focus on the saw matter more than the weight of the machine.

In recent years, stricter emission regulations have accelerated the development of internal combustion saws, and sawmill emissions have been reduced by up to a quarter. At the same time, fuel consumption has fallen.

Different types of chainsaws

+ The most efficient saw type. Power is enough for demanding applications, such as felling and pruning large trees.

+ Mobility and wide operating range. You can use an internal chain saw anywhere.

+ The range of blade devices, ie flange, and chain, is wide, so the internal chain saw can be customized.

- Noisy alternative.

- It requires more maintenance than an electric or cordless saw.

+ Makes less noise with other chainsaws.

+ Does not produce exhaust emissions, which is an advantage, especially when working indoors.

+ No need to refuel.

- Limited range. The maximum length of the extension cable is 20-30 meters.

- The cord may be on the road when using the saw.

- The power of the power saw is less than that of an internal combustion engine, so power may be lost in demanding situations.

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