Patents and Trademarks: Securing business with global identity

Posted by ardentip01 on January 14th, 2020

Patents and Trademark hold a very important place in the world of business and must to have when there is a new invention to be publicly disclosed and displays the legal source of the product or services


What’s Patent?patent is issued for an invention which signifies the grant of the property right to its inventor. In general, Patents are issued for the new, useful as well as non-obvious inventions for a period ranging up to no more than 20 years starting from the date on which the filing of a patent application made. It provides the right and power to the inventor to disallow others from using and exploiting his or her invention during the above-mentioned period.

Patents protect Inventions, like, machines, compositions of matter, manufactures, as well as certain improvements which are made to these. All that is important to remember here is that the invention needs to be new, useful besides being nonobvious.

If you got your patent registered then you also need to get translated in different other languages in case you want to give access to information to global audiences. Patent Translation Services provider can help you in this regard. Patent translation can be defined as the process which is used fortranslation of the application made for patent into some other language so that important information remainsaccessiblefor the global audience. This type of initiative is very important to take keeping in mind the global landscape where so many businesses compete on the global platform

What’s a Trademark? A trademark also penned as a trade mark or trade-mark is a specific category of intellectual property having a recognizable sign, design, as well as expression that identifies any product or service released from a particular source that is different from others. The trademarks which are used for the identification of services are in general called service marks.

Trademark issued: For any word, symbol, phrase, and design which is created for identifying as well as distinguishing the source of the goods from one party to those of others.

The mark or symbol needs to be distinctive so that it can stand apart in the crowd of millions of companies across globes. 

Until and unless the trademark is getting registered the symbol or the mark you decided for your company has no value and can be used by others. If they get that registered before you, then you have no right to using the same anymore. Trademark registration needs to be completed as soon as you decided the symbol, mark or words representing your business. Certain protocols need to complete for making the application of the trademark registration. Having a trademark makes it quite easy for the customers to distinguish you in the crowd.

There are some dedicated companies in the industry that can help you with Trademark registration and Patent Translation Services. Searching online will give you the names of the reputed companies which are in this business and offering quality services to the clients at affordable price. 

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