Why a Cheap or Free Logo Design is Not Worth It

Posted by Stella Carter on January 14th, 2020

Even with our modern world of digital business and visualization, many companies, especially startups, still don’t fully understand the significance of a logo design. Most people don’t perceive a logo as something of value that may aid their business. However, these businesses will soon find out how wrong they were. A logo is a highly effective visual tool that allows a business to build a brand around their products or services. This not only inspires a visual attraction but also implied authority, loyalty, trust and most importantly, recognition.

The main elements of a logo are fonts, images, shapes and colors. These elements help a brand stand out from the competition in the market. As modern trends suggest, it is safe to say that a logo is how customers identify a brand. Now, if you decide to go with a free or cheap logo design, you cannot expect to be excellent or trustworthy or memorable. The problem with these logos is that they mostly use the same standard-issue colors, fonts and shapes. So, basically, they all look the same and have none of the elements that make a good logo. A quality logo design is scalable, effective without color, memorable and describable.

The following are some of the recurring issues that follow a free or cheap logo design;

  1. Consumers can’t describe or remember them.
  2. They are not scalable.
  3. The fail to convey the brand’s attitude, personality and character.
  4. They do not inspire familiarity, credibility and trustworthiness.
  5. They fail at connecting a brand with its customers

The Need for a Professional Logo Design

Your business logo design tells a lot about you as a business. It helps establish professionalism, but more importantly, it provides evidence that you brand is an actual business. This is why every business should consider investing in branding with a custom logo design. There are two things that are essential in running and starting a business: the brand name obviously, and the logo design. If you think about how online businesses work, you can see that they are required to establish a presence on websites, social media and other channels of communication. This means that they to put their logo on everything including ads, newsletters, products, services, websites, invoices and business cards. Your logo design helps by making your brand stand out from others in the same category serving in the highly-competitive market.

As far as professional logo design is concerned, it requires time, knowledge and skill. Creating such a design is a process that involves research, conceptualizing, sketching and reflection. This process consists of:

  1. The design briefing
  2. Research
  3. References
  4. Sketching and conceptualizing
  5. Presentation
  6. Evaluation
  7. Acceptance

So, a professional logo designer has to go through a lot to come up with a business logo. It may be simple but highly effective and memorable which will help tell your business story to consumers. There is a reason why there is a whole web design industry full of professionals; for businesses to leave the branding to them. A poor logo design may come cheap or free, so let us state some reasons why a great logo design will come at a deserving price:

  1. A business’s logo is the first thing consumers see.
  2. It is in most cases the very first impression consumers get from the business.
  3. A quality logo design needs longevity
  4. It has to be unique to your brand only to help it stand out
  5. It has to look stunning and professional
  6. It should clearly reflect the brand message in the appropriate tone
  7. A custom logo design gives the impression of a business being credible, trustworthy, professional and serious.

With all this in mind, you can see that a cheap or free logo design will simply not cut it in your ambition to be recognized as a brand. A custom logo design is the starting point of your branding, and everything revolves around it so you need to take it seriously.

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