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Posted by Anoop Tiwari on January 14th, 2020

OTP stands One Time Password service,mobile phone and online logging on the system uses now increasing day by day, indeed! The using of a mobile phone but along with this mobile data stolen also increasing, to secure the data stolen, OTP password method levied in the so many & various sector

The keyword uses for this terminology is OTP and mobile user authentication.

The (OTP) one-time password is valid for a short interval of time and single transaction or login is that password which will not plan in the database instead of it will use like password and will apply in the same time, after  some time it will expire

 It contains some four to six-digit number might be complete numeric or alphanumeric that which you have to use in some online services like if you are purchasing some products online by any of website portal like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. , also if you are using any internet banking that time for security purpose you will have to use it.

Always OTP contains a single-use password that will be sent on the mobile number that registered with the website that the user is using for any kind of transaction on that website.

Also, it is used in mobile applications for verification of registered mobile number.

OTP is one of the most relevant  & additional security layers for safeguard the digital identity of the end-user. It will secure an account as well as the login process.  The OTP is a valid one and if wrongly you enter or do any other mistake, the code that was generated from the web site will again change.

The user will receive the OTP on his/her registered mobile number then the user will enter this code into the system.

This is the two-factor double-layer authentication process.

The mode of delivery of OTP is :

  1. BY SMS method:  This is a simple and standard procedure to get the OTP via a TEXT message. There OTP will be generated by the server site and it will deliver to the user (authenticator) by the mode of an SMS text message.
  2. BY Application method: This is the system that the user receives the OTP by the mode of IVR, it is generated by the consumer and it will deliver by the SMS medium.

The following below-mentioned process used in OTP services:

Firstly user register or login  with the website or application that user is using, he/she will enter user name and password

Secondly, the username and password match

Thirdly user will receive the OTP by SMS

Lastly, the user will punch the OTP & will get access to the website or application.

This process of OTP works through some randomness algorithms method which will create each and every time a random and new password when the user will log in the multiple session on the same or any other website or applications. 

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