Better License Plate Lighting With A Replacement Ampoule LED Plaque

Posted by AngeloEverton on March 9th, 2012

 One area of cars that seldom receives any attention from owners is the light just above the license plate. This light is there to illuminate the license plate so that it is visible at night and in poor lighting conditions, and is required by law. If you were caught by the police without that light above your license plate, you would probably face a fine. It is therefore important that you check it every once in a while to ensure that it is still in proper working condition. In fact, you could improve the aesthetics of your car by changing the bulb to an ampoule LED plaque, which is specially designed to provide brighter and whiter light for your license plate, using ampoules LED such as the LED C5W bulb.

When compared to the bulbs used in license plate lights that come provided with most cars, LED lights such as the LED C5W bulb are much brighter and produce light that is much whiter in color, whereas regular bulbs produce light that is more yellow or orange in color. While such yellow lighting may make for great ambiance lighting, it is not as attractive when used to light up number plates with their typically white lettering on a black background.

An ampoule LED plaque replacement kit typically includes an LED C5W bulb or its equivalent, and some kits even include several LED C5W bulbs to provide even brighter illumination. These kits are designed to make replacing your license plate light with an ampoule LED plaque as easy as possible, and usually include detailed instructions on how to carry out the replacement.

Even if no instructions are included, they can usually be found in you’re the owner’s manual of your car, or you can simply figure it out as you go along. Before you even purchase the ampoule LED plaque replacement kit, however, you first need to determine the exact model and year of your car. The design of certain areas such as the license plate light often changes from one year to the next, so it is very important that you obtain the right ampoule LED plaque replacement kit. Otherwise, you might find yourself with LED C5W bulbs that do not fit into the sockets on your car.

Once you have the right ampoule LED plaque replacement kit, you can then proceed to remove the existing bulbs. In order to do this, you will have to remove any covering from the housing in which the bulbs are contained. In some cars, this is a simple matter of prying the cover loose with a screw driver, but in others, it involves a more complex task of unscrewing the cover or even removing the entire housing.

When you have uncovered the original bulb or bulbs, gently pull it from the socket, and it should come out fairly easily. When doing this, you may wish to wear a pair of gloves, as it can be easy to apply too much pressure to the bulb, causing it to crack and cut your fingers or your hand. Once the socket is free, you can then push an LED C5W bulb into the socket and replace the housing or cover. That completes the installation of your ampoule LED plaque replacement.

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