How Digital Transformation is Driving Business Growth

Posted by Prachi Jain on January 14th, 2020

Companies are now focusing on updating their business practices by integrating digital technologies into all areas of business operations. Seeking the help of digital technologies are helping them to serve their customers more effectively. This integration of digitization in the business is referred to as Digital transformation and it provides the business with seamless opportunities to grow.

More precisely Digital transformation is about transforming the ways in which the business interacts with its customers which in turn drives the sales growth of the business.

Here is how Digital transformation is driving the sales growth of a business.

Increases Transparency

Big data analytics is greatly benefited because of the innovative strategies behind Digital Transformation. It provides the IT Companies with real-time data and greater insights into the performance of the Companies and their interactions with their customers. It increases the transparency of information within the organization and when everybody has access to information, they can share ideas more effectively. They can also work in collaboration to brainstorm different ways to steer those metrics in the right direction.

Creates highly engaging customers

Studies show that the organizations that have embraced digital transformation are more likely to create highly engaging customers than their peer Companies. The customers are more likely to try out new products of their favorite brands and refer them to their friends and colleagues. The mindsets of the customers change when brands go digitized. Even when the competitors have better prices to offer to the customers, they are more likely to make the purchase from their preferred brands because they find them more reliable. Every customer wants to be treated with individuality. Digital technologies like CRM can track historical records with each customer that help in serving the customers more effectively and with individual care.  

Nowadays online presence is very important for any business to succeed. For this, the business needs to create its own website. There are various business WordPress themes that Companies may use to design their versatile websites.  

Easy collaboration

With the help of digital technology, there is more access to information and this helps in the open communication and thus eliminates the "only me" feeling amongst the employees. This fosters a feeling of teamwork that is less siloed.

Reduces offline marketing costs

When Companies go digital, there is no need to advertise your products in the offline market through billboards, TV ads and direct mails. These have become obsolete these days. Nowadays customers are already active on social media platforms and prefer those products that they can get anywhere and everywhere in just a single swipe on their phones. In a bid to get their favorite brands any time the new generation prefers getting updated with digital technologies rather than depending on the marketers.

Security concerns

Digital transformation includes adapting to multi-cloud strategies that help in negating the potential cyber-attacks if any. An inherent risk of security always remains when business operations are done via the public internet. A multi-cloud strategy to some extent protect the business data to go in wrong hands and being misused.

Companies are also adhering to various methods of encryptions to protect their critical data and information. Every data is being modified and monitored as to who are using the data and for what purposes. This is only possible because of the digital transformation.

Cultivating business relationships with the potential buyers using digital channels is the new challenge for business houses as this helps them to position themselves as industry leaders in various retails E-commerce platforms. Using business WordPress themes for creating versatile business websites is the most important thing for start-up brands. Without the correct online presence, reaching out to the audiences would be impossible.

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