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Posted by Md Khann on January 14th, 2020


Do you want to find successful products for your dropshipping business? Here is the ultimate guide including tips and tricks on how to get to potential winning products quickly.

Contrary to popular belief, winning products in dropshipping is not a coincidence but the result of the strategic application of certain techniques. Of course, not everything you test is a winning product, but you can significantly increase your chances of doing strategic product research.

The basics of Winning Products

Basically, you should know a few points before you start looking for winning products. These basics form the basis for successful products for Shopify or Amazon. You should know and consider them before launching the first product. best dropshipping tools

Trends make money

One of the most important points is definitely "Trends Make Money". As soon as a trend arises you should react as quickly as possible and search for products related to this trend or even create them yourself. The faster you are, the more money you will earn. No matter what type of dropshipping you do, you should always deal with trends. Especially if you have the goal to earn a lot of gel within a short time. 

One of the best examples was fidget spinners. This hype started in early 2017 and had an enormous exception. Some shop operators only achieved 6-7 digit sales through this product. The first made this trend by far the most money worldwide.

At the same time, thousands of drop shippers tried to build on the success of these first stores, but only lost money. They were just too late and had missed the trend. Most of the stores that sold the product only made losses.

As quickly and aggressively as the trend came, it was over so quickly. That is why timing and catching trends are one of the most important factors when it comes to winning products.

Numbers decide - emotions don't

Another important aspect when it comes to dropshipping and finding winning products is definitely the attitude to the whole process. Just like when trading stocks, the numbers always decide and not otherwise. It doesn't matter what you think about a product. It has to sell.

In numerous Shopify Facebook groups and forums, there are numerous drop shippers who keep asking the same questions. "I have a sure winning product but it doesn't sell." However, it is only a winning product if it sells safely and not if you believe that it is one.

In the end, numbers always decide whether the product works and not whether you find it cool yourself or whether you judge by feeling. It is therefore of fundamental importance that you always go by dates and numbers and do not try to guess anything.

A strategic approach always makes more sense than decisions based on feelings or emotions.

Copyright infringement and copyright

No matter how well a product sells, you should never violate third-party copyrights. This can be very expensive, especially if you have already recorded high sales. It is therefore important to always pay attention to this point in advance.

In the event of copyright infringement or copyright infringement, the companies concerned may not only demand a penalty payment but may also require a further share in the sales of previous sales.

This can be very expensive and you should go as far as possible to always respect the copyright or registered trademark rights of other manufacturers. There are enough legal options to find and sell good products.

An overview of the best methods

Here is an overview of the best methods to get to potential products quickly with a high probability of selling well. These methods can be tested and carried out independently of one another. But also in combination, they are particularly effective.

Product research is by no means set in stone and every successful drop shipper has its own strategy. This is an overview of the most popular methods that currently work best.

Ad spying

The first way to find potential products is to spy on ads. Tools and certain tricks can be used to screen Facebook and Co. and find high performing ads with winning products. Here's an overview of the best ways to do lucrative dropshipping.

Facebook ad filter

The Facebook filter search is a very simple trick to spot successful products. If you have a German store, for example, it makes sense to look for products that are already selling very well in the USA.

Simply use the Facebook search function and enter the term "ORDER NOW" and filter for photos or videos. Video ads usually work better and the likelihood of finding good products is higher. The result is a list of ads that have incredible reach. all of these videos or contributions are promotional videos for certain products that can be found on AliExpress or DH Gate The reason why these trick works are that these products already work in other shops. If this were not the case, it would not be advertised so excessively.

If a video already has + 100K views and has several hundred comments, it works extremely well. Otherwise, the advertiser would not continue to advertise it.

So you get products that work 99% with others and the probability that they will also sell in your own store is very high if you master the most important points in terms of advertising and store optimization.

Facebook filter hack

If you do not believe this, you can copy the bitly link in the post and enter it again with a plus in the browser. This will give you all the statistics and see how often it has been clicked. You can also see whether the product is still getting clicks when it is advertised over a longer period. Sometimes it can be that when the post is older than 3 months, the market saturates and sales collapse quickly.

For example, this watch has been selling consistently very well for 3 months, so there is still potential to sell this product yourself. The market is not saturated given this data.

EXTRA TIP: You can go to, create an account and view more data about the shop. As a result, you can find other products that may get a lot of traffic and are therefore successfully advertised. You can also "steal" these products on AliExpress and list them in your own store.

Turbo Ad Finder

The Facebook feed hack for ads links directly to the first tip and can be combined with it. This hack can be implemented incredibly quickly and you can also quickly reach potentially successful ads.

To do this, you simply have to search for and install the Chrome Extension "Turbo Ad Finder" in the Chrome Store. Then this app can be found in the browser and you only have to activate it when you are on Facebook.

The function of this app is very simple. It simply filters Facebook for ads and you only get ads in the feed, no organic posts. So you have a complete overview of all the ads you get and within a few seconds.

Then, as in the previous step, you filter out the ads with the highest commitment or the greatest reach and analyze them for potential products that can be found on AliExpress.

Turbo Ad Finder

Of course, you can also evaluate the Bitly Links again and then analyze the store via Similiar Web. This also leads to other potential products.

drop point

Another way to find lucrative ads is to drop point sites. With this tool, it is again possible to find the best ads and spot lucrative products. With various filters, you can filter Facebook for viral ads and thus find the products and stores behind them. However, you have to pay for the full version.

Drop point site

Store spying

Store Spying is another way to find successful products. Most stores have not hidden their lists, so you can easily filter for bestselling products that Shopify says have the most sales volume.


There is again a very practical plugin for Google Chrome. The extension is called Intelligence and can screen Shopify stores for the best products and other interesting features.

Well-known Shopify dropshipping stores that can and should be regularly examined include:

But you can also easily add the URL ending / sort_by = best-selling and the desired Shopify shop to sort the products by sales volume. However, this is not always possible.

Dropship Spy

Another effective way to spy on other stores and find lucrative products is Dropship Spy. The tool from the USA enables other stores to be screened effectively and provides important data relating to the performance of competitors' products. It also provides suggestions for potential winning products that can be found on AliExpress.

dropship spy

Dropship Spy Free Trial

The British YouTuber and drop shipper "Realistic Entrepreneur" has meanwhile developed its own software for product research that has been specially developed for e-commerce.

This software constantly crawls the Internet for new trends and potential winning products with increasing sales volumes. You can also screen competing dropshipping stores and scan for successful products. So you always have your direct competition in view and can steal potential products and scale them faster.

Another function is the Influencer Search Mode with which you can also find suitable influencers for the promotion.

Dropshipping spy

Dropship CEO Free Trial

Trend hunting

As previously described, trends are ideal for making a lot of money in a short time and benefiting from the high margins at the beginning. Therefore it is always important to look for new products and to catch trends early.

Google trends

As already shown above, Google is an incredibly good tool for analyzing current trends and finding new ones. With the data, you get you can better estimate how long a product will live or how much future it has. In addition, you get new ideas and suggestions about emerging trends and are therefore always up to date with new developments and movements in the market. You should always use Google Trends to get a better global picture of certain products or industries. This gives you a better overall picture of the situation.

massage gun google trends

The first point of contact for trends is always Kickstarter. You can also see which products are already selling very well before they are on the market and which are not. As mentioned above, time is the most important factor, especially when it comes to trends.

Kickstarter is the first point of contact for trends and you get a lot of ideas for potential winning products. Some of these projects were found before the campaign ended. You can't have more proof that the product is a winning product.

Now you can go to AliExpress and search for this product. However, it is much less likely that you will find this product immediately. Sometimes you have to get in contact with manufacturers of similar products and have the product manufactured on request.

This method is, therefore, a bit more complex and it is not so easy to implement the previous variants but you can potentially make a lot of money with it.

Another website that features new and trendy products every day is This site also searches for popular products on the Internet and in some cases even adds the links to the respective manufacturer on AliExpress.

You can definitely find one or the other winning product on or at least get inspiration. Even if this page is becoming more and more popular, it is currently still an insider tip for good products.

In addition, the site is free, you can filter by categories and the selection of products is very high. There are numerous manufacturers and suppliers for products that are ideal for dropshipping. Choosing the right manufacturer is absolutely critical. After all, this is largely responsible for shipping and product quality. You should therefore always carry out test orders and make sure that the product also meets the relevant criteria. The most important are:


DH gate

Print (POD)


It is particularly important to contact the manufacturers directly and not only to order through third-party platforms. This allows you to negotiate much better conditions. It also enables customizations.


Dropshipping is one of the most popular business models currently available and rightly so. E-commerce numbers have been rising for years and the trend is unstoppable. More and more people are buying products online.

However, in order to be able to participate in this market, it is important to know it very well. Especially when it comes to effectively finding products that can potentially sell very well.

The more strategically you approach the whole thing and the more research you do, the more successful you will be. Because numbers are much more valuable than feelings and emotions when it comes to successfully operating an online shop. You should never be guided by your own wishes and ideas, but always act based on facts and figures.

One of the most important points is the constant analysis of trends and markets. Because the earlier you recognize certain market movements, the more successful you will be and the faster you can earn money.

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