How is Virtual Office best suited for the modern age?

Posted by LaiFranklin on January 15th, 2020

These days, theVirtual Office is becoming quite popular. It is because it enables employees as well as business owners to work remotely by providing a range of business functions accessible through the internet. It allows organisations to create and maintain their presence in a desirable location. Thus, they need not have to set up their office and pay rent for it. With a virtual office, also we have all the benefits of a physical office, but you will be working from your desired place (mostly from home). This idea came into effect way back in 1994. Today, you can find several best virtual offices in Singapore

When you hire Virtual Officeit will provide the businesses with the following services:

  • A business postal address

This helps their businesses look a little more prestigious than their original address.

  • A receptionist

When you are arranging meetings in and around your virtual office, it will be useful for you. It also makes it less virtual to your customers and business colleagues.

  • Envelope opening and scanning service mail pertaining to you are received; it will be scanned and emailed to you so you can stay on top of your admin.
  • Meeting rooms

Though you will not have access to the ‘full-time’ desk, you can get the meeting room to arrange for the meetings.

  • Phone answering and voicemail services

You need not provide your mobile number. Instead, you will be offering a real landline number, which will make you look like a ‘pro.’

The best virtual office in Singapore works as one unit to serve its customers. But at the same time, they will not have a fixed location. This set-up is quite popular with start-ups and small businesses. This will help them to minimize the overhead. Some of the factors that have contributed to the growth of Virtual Office are web-based office, productivity software, and services like video conferencing, etc.

Advantages of virtual office

The monthly cost of running a virtual office is much less than the traditional office. Because it does not have maintenance and upkeep cost, and it need not be staffed. A virtual office is secured via a month-to-month lease. Hence, it offers greater flexibility in case the user’s business changes (no need to wait for a lease to expire or don’t have to spend any money on broken lease). Only if you want to get more services, the cost will be increased.

Secondly, the business owner will get services like mailing address, telephone answering, and video conferencing services. So for smaller businesses, it looks like a big business. It will also be helpful to meet the clients. In case the office is located in a famous place or heart of the city, it will add prestige to the business owner.

Thus, you have seen the best virtual office in SingaporeIf you are a small business owner planning to set-up a business, it is ideal to think about virtual offices, which will save you of several factors that are found in the traditional office set-up. 

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