Why Is Zardozi Embroidery Work Still So Popular?

Posted by Admin on January 15th, 2020

The word Zardosi comes from the Persian words Zarin or zar which means gold and dozi which means sewing. Zardozi Embroidery suits have an elaborate and heavy metal embroidery done on satin, silk or any velvet base fabric.

Often the designs are created by using silver and gold threads which can incorporate beads, pearls and precious stones. It is used as a decoration in a wide variety of applications, household textiles, clothes, and even animal trappings.

Historically the Zardozi embroidery was done on pieces that were used for the royal decoration walls, scattered, paraphernalia of the regal horses and elephants and wall hangings. Initially there were pure silver wires used during the embroidery along with real gold leaves. But today, some craftsmen use a combination of silk thread, copper wire along with a silver or golden polish.

Indian History of the Zardozi Embroidery-
As the word zardozi is attained from the Persian language. A Persian form of embroidery, zardozi attained its place in the 17th century, under the rule of Akbar, the great Mughal Emperor. But then under the rule of Aurangazeb, there was a stoppage in the royal patronage which led to the craft decline eventually.

Also, artisans were not capable enough to carry out the embroidery without anyone’s help, as the raw materials were very rare and also the cost was high. Many such craftsmen decided to leave Delhi and shifted to the courts of Punjab and Rajasthan in search of some work.
With the introduction of industrialization in the 18th and 19th centuries, there was another setback faced by the craft. It was only the time after our country got independence in the year 1947, the Indian government decided to take a step and promote the zari embroidery. Later there were also people found who used to wear, zardozi embroidery suits.

The procedure of performing the Zardozi Embroidery-

The method of doing the zardozi embroidery work in Mumbai starts when the craftsmen sit around the adda in a cross-legged position with all their tools and the wooden framework. The tools include things like, needles, curved hooks, sitaaras or metal stars, salmaa pieces or gold wires, plastic and glass beads, round sequins, kasab and dabkaa. Tracing out the particular design on that cloth, be it satin, silk or even velvet, is the second step of the process. Then the third step is to spread out the fabric nicely over the wooden frame, after that the work of embroidery starts. Then the needle is used for pulling out the zardozi element and after that, there is a basic design integrated by putting the needle and pushing it properly through the fabric.

Zardozi Embroidery Work in Mumbai
You can find many companies that provide some of the best zardozi embroidery work in Mumbai. Some are absolutely a one stop destination for all kinds of beautiful embroidery at great affordable rates. Their zardozi embroidery suits reflect sheer class and add that dazzle which makes the piece of cloth look like an artistically extraordinary masterpiece.

Make sure to choose a company that is renowned for its zardozi embroidery work in Mumbai. Search for companies that have great professionalism in their quality of rendering services. Opt for a company which cares about its product and the needs of their customers.


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