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Posted by General Advice on January 15th, 2020

It's difficult to ignore the fact that the subject of ‘illegal immigration’ is always in the news nowadays. Politicians are promising to put a stop to it, citizens worried about it, and even an impenetrable wall features among the many ideas being employed to deal with illegal immigration. However, many people do not have a well-formed idea of what constitutes as legal immigration, which in turn negates one understanding of illegal immigration, both of which are interconnected subjects. As such, this article aims to shed light on the subject of legal immigration, to further a better general understanding of immigration on the whole, and as a guide to helping people take the right route to immigration.

Immigration Policies

Immigration policies for different countries widely vary. However, there is a semblance of commonality that seems to connect immigration laws of different countries. Most countries accept immigrants in keeping with various terms and conditions. The circumstances of an immigrant in his/her home country often defines legal immigrant status. However, there is no prerequisite that these circumstances have to be adverse in any way to qualify for entry into a country as a legal immigrant. In facts, all immigrants do not face similar circumstances to deserve legal entry and stay in a country. There are in fact different forms of immigration, through which an individual may choose to legally enter and stay in a country. The major forms of immigration are as elaborated below.

Family-Based Immigration

In the US and various other countries, a citizen or a permanent resident may choose to invite his or her immediate family members to immigrate to his/her country of residence. In such, circumstances one is required to appeal to immigration authorities by completing all necessary immigration formalities, to facilitate this form of immigration.

Employment Based Immigration

Many individuals immigrate to a country in lieu of employment. If done through legal channels, which include petitioning immigration authorities of a country, while completing all immigration formalities; this is also a legal form of immigration.

Humanitarian Immigration

Many countries including the US, Canada, France, Germany, and others, are known to open doors for legal immigration on humanitarian grounds. Under this form of immigration people escaping from war zones and natural disasters, are often permitted entry in a country that they are not a citizen of. Post entry, most countries follow a strict procedure for seeking asylum, wherein an immigrant must follow standard humanitarian immigration asylum seeking protocol that differ from country to country.

Immigration Information

Your best resource for immigration information is the immigration website of the country you wish to immigrate to. Furthermore, there are lawyers that specialize in immigration laws and even immigration consultants that help with facilitating immigration in a legal and systematic manner.

In conclusion, it is true that illegal immigration can prove to both an economic and societal problem for people in different countries. However, a better understanding of legal immigration, and various forms of legal immigration; is the key to immigration awareness.

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