What You Need to Know About Online Therapy and its Benefits

Posted by General Advice on January 15th, 2020

Mental health issues are more common than one might think. You are definitely not alone when you are faced with crippling anxiety or you just cannot seem to shake off the stress you feel on a daily basis. Furthermore, you are not alone if you face even more complex mental health issues that require psychotherapy and psychoactive drugs. This is why mental health therapy is an integral segment of medical science that is a lifeline for many individuals in this modern age.

It has been awhile since medical science and treatment has been successfully integrated with internet technology to ensure that those that require medical help get the treatment they need. This is apparent in hospital and medical clinics everywhere, nowadays one can easily refill prescriptions drugs online, and in the same vein; mental health therapy is now available online.

What is Online Therapy

The deliverance of mental health therapy on the internet is known as online therapy.  As such, therapy is delivered across a wide range of platforms including chat, texting, video calling, voice calling and more.

Is it Effective

Not only has online therapy proven to be effective according to various studies; it is all set to become an alternative to in-office therapy for many individuals suffering from various mental health conditions.

The internet has long proven itself to be an effective tool for connecting people and communications; and as such, it is no wonder that this same tool is being effectively used by mental health therapists. Patients are known to enjoy as much as benefits from online therapy as in-office therapy, and more.

Benefits of Online Therapy

There are multiple benefits of online therapy that seems to drive its popularity among mental health patients. These benefits include...

  • Almost instantaneous access to a therapist by simply going online
  • Reduced therapy charges
  • No prerequisite for insurance in some cases
  • No stigma attached to being seen entering or leaving a therapist’s office
  • Greater freedom to schedule therapy sessions with a wider network of therapists
  • The feeling of greater patient therapist confidentiality, especially when communicating with a therapist via chat or texting
  • Perfect for individuals with physical disabilities
  • Perfect when one doesn’t want spouses or other family members to know of one’s need for mental health therapy
  • No need for a commute to the therapist’s office
  • No need for cancellation if the client is physically unwell

Doing Away with Barriers

It is easy to see how the benefits of online therapy as listed above does away with many barriers that stop people from seeking mental health therapy. The number of people that need but refuse to engage with conventional forms of mental health therapy is high owing to various stigmas, personal apprehensions, and even a need for greater confidentiality. It easy to see how online therapy effectively breaks down all these barriers.

Furthermore, online therapy is a cheaper alternative to in-office therapy and digital payment methods make it easier to bear the cost burden of such therapy sessions.

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