Tips on How to Grow Your Business and Leads with SEO

Posted by Evelyn Williams on January 15th, 2020

Lead generation is a process of attracting the potential customers of a business and influencing them to get interested to become customers of your products or services. Leads that are generated can connect to the business in several ways and social media, networking events, etc. can play an important role in lead generation.

Why SEO can significantly improve lead generation potential?

An efficient SEO strategy can significantly improve the visibility of your website online. SEO can serve as the map or a funnel that can bring a stream of leads to a website. Search Engine Optimization remains one of the best tools for organic lead generation by improving your website’s ranking in Google SERPs and thereby improving visibility.

How you can grow leads and businesses with SEO? 

A comprehensive roadmap to achieve business growth by improving leads with SEO is discussed below.

  • Focus on On-Page SEO: On-page SEO or On-site SEO is a way to optimize several website components into a single point of conduct. The goal of On-page SEO is to make it possible for your website to rank at the top of the SERP and improve the traffic to your website.  All other efforts that you may take to build a Google-friendly website may go to waste unless there is a suitable on-page SEO strategy implemented. Excellent content, proper keyword research, SEO friendly page URL, use of meta tags, appropriate keyword density, optimized page-loading, page interlinking, are some other things for the success of on-page SEO.

  • Guest posting: Guest posting can one of the best organic White Hat SEO techniques that can build more leads to your site and improve your business performance. With the guest posting a digital marketing strategy, you can create authentic content and can publish the content on a different website as a guest. The host website, in exchange, may provide backlinks that can redirect the users to your website. With guest posting on renowned websites, you can establish more credibility and it can help to increase the SEO score, which helps to get good ranking.

  • Link Building: Authentic and trusted links can always improve the credibility of your website and can be wonderful to attract more visitors and more conversions. For a successful link building campaign, you need to have several high-quality links pointing to your website. Try to avoid the Google penalty by avoiding purchasing bad quality links that can make your website nosedive at the bottom of rankings. Always try to get higher page authority and higher domain authority of the page or website that is linking to your website. 

Improve site-pagination and click depth: Pagination is the process that is used to break up the content across a series of pages. Pagination help to develop the internal equity and also it improves the ranking signals like the social shares and also the backlinks when splitting across several pages. Click depth is measured by the number of clicks required to reaching the next page from the home page. Robots used by Google don’t crawl the pages that are three clicks away from the home page and it can limit the potential for search visibility to a massive extent.

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