All You Need to Know About GLBrain Initial Exchange Offering

Posted by glbrain on January 15th, 2020

GLBrain is a next-generation online community management, social networking, and marketing platform that offers unmatched features for all kinds of online communities that range from private users and small to medium-sized businesses. It’s based on an advanced blockchain technology that allows the platform to be transparent, secure, and scalable.

What’s GLBrain Initial Exchange Offering?

GLBrain is allowing the interested entities to invest in the product via Initial Exchange Offering i.e. GLBrain Initial Exchange Offering. In this, you can buy as many GLB coins as you want and avail of the following perks:

Within the GLBrain network, GLB will have a range of functions supporting a dynamic coin economy in which users will be able to participate:

1. Customers who buy services on the GLBrain platform by making their payment in GLB receive a 20% discount in the form of a coin-back payment.

2. GLB from GLBrain Initial Exchange Offering can be used as a payment method for goods and services offered by certified vendors and private users on the GLBrain online marketplace.

3. Users participating in our GLBrain + profit-sharing model by bringing and managing their community on GLBrain, will receive a commission of up to 21 % of all services purchased on GLBrain. Commission for payments done in GLB will be in GLB.

4. GLB will be used to buy advertising banners as well as views and clicks.

5. Content producers are rewarded in GLB in proportion to the number of views and clicks their content is able to create. This way, GLBrain wishes to attract bloggers and content producers to its platform. Producers of content thereby actively take part in a profit-sharing model based on GLB.

6. Large organizational clients, building customized chain-codes and communication applications with us, are required to pay for this service in GLB or will be required to hold a certain amount of GLB in proportion to the size of their chain.

How to Buy GLB Coins?

If you want to buy GLB coin via Initial Exchange Offering, then just follow these steps:

§ If you do not have the wallet already, you may get one here. All you need is to install the application on Windows / Android mobile or your Mac computer.

§ When your wallet is created, you can use your public address to receive your GLB. It looks like this: TLu8em6bfJgXqNhuRposR2sUsZyUW48RUj

§ Now please choose to use will you use fiat money or crypto to pay for your GLB via GLBrain Initial Exchange Offering. If you choose to pay in fiat, please use the link under Step 4. If you choose to pay in crypto, please use the link under Step 5.

§ For fiat payment, please enter the number of GLB wants to buy and you will see the price in Euro. For Presales the minimum amount will be 200 €. Then enter your public wallet address and after accepting the terms, you will be redirected to mPay24 and may use all major credit cards. After the transaction is done, coins will be transferred to your wallet.

§ For crypto payment, please enter your name and e-mail, and the public key of your wallet and choose to pay with BitCoin, Ethereum, Tether or Dash- all are offering in GLBrain Initial Exchange Offering. For the Presales phases, the minimum amount to be spent will be set to approximately 200 €. Then enter the amount of crypto you want to spend and the system will send you the GLB at the actual value to your wallet. You will also receive an email confirming your purchase and the number of GLBrain you received.

So, there you have it- all the things you need to know about GLBrain Initial Exchange Offering. This Initial Exchange Offering can be one of the biggest investments in your life. Good luck!

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