Things you need to know before visiting Canada

Posted by ETA Canada on January 15th, 2020

It is true, that most of the visitors are actually in need of a valid entry document such as the electronic travel authorization or a visa in order to visit Canada. It will completely depend on your citizenship or your situation. There are some requirements, that you are in need to fulfill if you are planning to visit Canada. 

Here are some of the basic requirements you are in need to fulfill in order to visit Canada: 

  • It is very important for you to have a valid document, such as a passport if you want to visit Canada through electronic travel authorization. 

  • You have never been convicted of criminal or immigration-related offenses. 

  • Make sure that you convince an immigration officer that you will return to your country and will leave Canada at the end of your visit. 

  • If you are going to Canada you have to make sure that you will be coming back to your own country because of the various ties to it such as employment, financial assets or the family. 

  • You have to tell the higher authorities that you have enough money with you so that you can easily sustain yourself there. 

It is true, that yourself have to go through a medical and along with it an invitation for a person who is residing in Canada as they are one of the most mandatory things. 

What is the importance of AVE if you want to travel to Canada?

In order to combine the security and control at the country’s borders, the Canadian law has established the law of electronic travel authorization system.

And through this, the Canada ESTA Visa will definitely help in assessing the admissibility of a person before traveling to Canada in order to make sure that their entry into the country will create no issues for internal security.

This process will actually provide you with a smooth visit to Canada. Make sure that you are following each and everything so that you don’t have to face any hustle. 

The traveling documents that you are in need of while traveling to Canada: 

If you are traveling to Canada, it is very important for you to have travel documents and proper identification for you and the children with you, otherwise legal actions can be taken against you. 

There is no doubt that transportation companies such as airlines ensure that you are having a valid travel document and on the other hand, if you are caught without having the correct documents then you may be delayed or will be unable to board the aircraft. 

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