Too Many Choices? Here’s How to Narrow It Down When Buying a New TV

Posted by cityfurniture on January 15th, 2020

When you walk in electronic stores in Kamloops, you will be inevitably overwhelmed with the vast array of choices you have. Should you go for a Smart TV? An LED TV? A Plasma TV? What even is the difference? Chances are, they all look pretty similar to you.
But before you get confused and lost in the sea of TVs at electronic stores in Kamloops, here are the things you should know about how you can easily narrow down your options:  

1.Decide what screen resolution to get.

4K Ultra HD television is the best kind of TV money can buy today. This TV has 4 times better resolution than the 1080p TVs out there, which are already good enough for a layman’s standard. The problem is that not all cable or streaming sites offer 4K resolution, so you might not be able to utilize its full benefits just yet. However, it might be a good investment now since we’re going that route anyway.  
4K Ultra HD TVs are quite the pricey devices though, so if you are on a budget, stick to a less expensive but still quite good 1080p TV.  

2.Decide whether to go with LED-LCD or OLED TVs.
LED-LCD TVs are the most common types of TVs you can find at electronic stores in Kamloops. They’re good and you have an array of prices and sizes to choose from. There are also those with smart features that won’t break the bank. If you are after simple, no-fuss TVs, these are your best bets.  
However, don’t completely write off OLED TVs from your list just yet. This offers better picture quality. If you want clarity because you have poor eyesight or you just want the best entertainment experience in the comforts of your own home, saving up more for an OLED TV might be a better choice for you.  

What makes OLED TV better when it comes to display technology is that it is self-illuminating. Unlike LED-LCD TVs that need a backlight, this type of type has pixels with their own lighting. This also makes OLED TVs easier to see no matter what your angle of viewing is.  

3.Consider what size is the best choice for you.  

Measure the space you plan to put your TV in. How big a TV can the wall accommodate? If you are going to use a TV console, make sure you measure it first to determine the size of the TV that will fit.
When measuring, take into account how close the wall or the console is to your seating area. If you get a TV that is too big for the overall size of the room, the TV can overwhelm the room.
Use these tips to narrow down your choices when buying from electronic stores in Kamloops such as City Furniture & Appliances LTD.  
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