How is Biometric Authentication Enhancing Security?

Posted by Tech Guru on January 15th, 2020

Biometric Authentication has increased our level of security due to which they become reliable and secure for us. From many decades, numerous biometric devices are being used. Biometric includes unique characteristics of the human individual for recognition and identification of the human individual. These features include fingerprints, face, palm, iris, retina, DNA, and various others hence confirmation becomes secure. Thus, we can say biometric authentication enhancing the security of our individuals and our data. We have fingerprint-based biometric devices, face recognition, iris scanner, palm reader, voice analyzer and others also. Since the development of biometric technology, it has almost expanded all over the world and also prices of these devices have gone down. Hence it becomes affordable for people to avail of these devices.

Which are the places where biometric fingerprint access is used?

There are various places where we observe the use of biometric devices. There is an avast number of biometric devices present on online websites. The most common example of biometric fingerprint access is our mobile phone. We can easily access our phone just by simply scanning our fingerprint. It takes even less than 2 seconds for complete recognition and identity confirmation process. Since the complete process is automatic therefore eliminates the need of other individuals. In hostels, biometric devices are used for marking attendance and its management. This prevents the students from buddy punching and improves the accuracy of the data. At other places like at entrances of the hotel, various multinational buildings biometric fingerprint devices are installed.

Is using biometrics for time attendance management is reliable?

Majorly, in offices, time attendance devices are used for attendance management and for keeping absenteeism reports. The admin can manage the attendance and time details of all employees at a time just by simply using biometrics for time attendance management. Either fingerprint-based devices or face-recognition devices are installed for attendance management. Face recognition devices are found to be costlier in comparison to fingerprint-based devices. These devices can improve the productivity of the place where these are installed. Currently, the use of attendance software has increased as they are found to be cheaper and effective than biometric devices. The punctuality of the individuals also increases using these biometric devices.

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