Learn 3 English Phrases to Improve Your Conversation with Business Associates

Posted by Benjamin Patry on January 15th, 2020

Being in business requires one to be a really good communicator. When you are running a business, it is necessary that you think of being an expert to handle a lot of people and situations. For example, as a business owner, you will have to communicate with your business associates, competitors, employees, partners, and even potential consumers. And for being an expert communicator, it is necessary to master the language that is used globally. This is where English speaking comes into the picture.

With the globalization of the market, now every business is global. You might be running a small company in a two-room building in Japan. But your consumers are everywhere around the world. They can be in Europe, the US and many other countries. Now, you might be comfortable conversing in your native language. But when it comes to making an impact in the global market, knowing English like natives is necessary. And when you want to improve your prospect, knowing what to say to the associates is necessary too. Use the following phrases when you are communicating with them. Surely you will get benefitted immensely.

“How Have You Been”

When you are talking to an associate, you definitely won’t dive immediately in business talks with them just when they start talking. For exchanging pleasantries, it is necessary that you know what to say. Maybe you are talking to this associate for the first time or after a while. You can use one phrase that can go in both of the situations. “How have you been” will mean that you are genuinely concerned and want to know about their general well-being. When you are trying to learn English phrases, it is necessary to know how to start a conversation. And for that, this can be a real good way.

“Get Up to Speed”

Maybe you are trying to strike a partnership with your associate. Or maybe you are looking forward to some lucrative deals with them. For that, it is necessary that you get all the relevant knowledge about them. In fact, it is necessary that you inform them that you are gaining knowledge too. So, when you are doing so, let them know that by saying “we are getting up to speed.” In colloquial language, it means staying informed. Learn English speaking by mastering these phrases.

Push the Envelope

When you are trying to impress your potential clients and associates, it is necessary that you tell them that you are going to do more for them than what others would. For example, you will be more creative in your ideas, more innovative in your approach. And how can you tell the associate about this promise? Tell them simply that you are all set to “push the envelope.”

So, now as you know about these three phases for conversing with your business associates more effectively this new year, what are you waiting for? Start to learn English online and know about more such phrases by registering with online platforms and courses.

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