Emergency Dental Implants Save the Day After Front Tooth Loss

Posted by longislandperio1 on January 15th, 2020

There are few dental emergencies as traumatic as losing a front tooth. It's upsetting and embarrassing for most people and often leads to a search for the best dental implants near me. A missing front tooth impairs eating and talking, and of course, completely changes your smile. If it ever happens to you, it's important to see a dentist immediately. If you're lucky, the tooth may only be broken off, which opens up many more possibilities. In dental terms, a tooth that is knocked out is referred to as a dental avulsion. It is a wound and therefore, will bleed significantly. It's essential to apply pressure to slow and stop the bleeding eventually. If the open tooth socket is still bleeding after 30 minutes, it's important to visit an Emergency Room for treatment. If you're someone with a medical history of issues with blood clotting, head for the ER right away. If you can find the tooth, put it in milk, water, or saliva until you can see a dentist for an emergency visit. Do not touch or attempt the clean the tooth or its root. A dentist will be able to examine your mouth and discuss any options with you for saving the tooth if possible. The possibilities vary by person and circumstances.

If you're fortunate enough that the tooth was only broken off and the root remains intact, your options for repair or replacement are more varied. Broken off teeth often leave the pulp and roots exposed. You'll see red, white, and dark areas when you loom in your mouth at what remains of the tooth. It's a moderately to severely painful experience and requires immediate treatment. If left untreated, there is the possibility for much more discomfort along with swelling and potentially infection. Even if you are upset or traumatized by the experience, schedule an emergency dental visit as soon as possible. When you arrive at the dentist on an emergency basis, after any residual bleeding is stopped and the situation stabilized, the next step will be x rays in most cases. They give a more unobstructed view of the affected area and shed light on the severity of the situation. The nest step is developing a treatment plan which will generally take into account a temporary repair and then the long-term, permanent replacement solution. If the tooth root is intact and will be healthy, a crown can be a consideration. For entirely missing teeth, bridges are possible, but the preferred options nearly always will be a dental implant. It is stronger and won't cause any side effects with nearby teeth.

Every person and situation are different, but there is a possibility that the tooth can be reinserted if it is intact after being knocked out. Better dentists like Farber Center in Medford and Hauppauge, NY, are dedicated to saving teeth and always will attempt reinsertion if it is feasible. In many of these cases, a tooth that is returned to its position will be splinted to nearby teeth for support while it heals. An essential consideration for you as a patient is finding an emergency dentist who can save the tooth if possible, and if not, replace it with the best viable option. It's also important to keep in mind that these options only relate to healthy front teeth that are knocked out or broken off. Diseased or decayed teeth require a very different approach and while painful and very different kinds of dental emergencies. But no matter what the cause or situation, you want temporary and long-terms solutions that save you the embarrassment of appearing in front of friends, family, and co-workers with a missing front tooth. It is something virtually everyone wants to avoid and why it's imperative to see a dentist for an emergency visit as soon as possible. Once you're treated, and your smile saved or restored, you'll be glad you didn't wait to seek help.

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