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A decoder or set-top box is a component that is added to the TV in order to receive channels. They are also called satellite receivers. They are smart boxes that connect to an antenna and transform the signals received on the antenna into television channels.

What is a TV decoder for?

The Chitram TV decoder allows increasing the amount of channels that reach our television. But decoders also come with other functions. Some allow you to record programs, or tune channels in HD or high definition. Another function that decoders allow is parental control. This function allows you to block some channels so that your children do not see them without parental permission.

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How does a TV decoder work?

The operation of the decoders is based on a device called a transponder. Transponders are signals that contain a set or group of channels and are transmitted through a satellite. An antenna is responsible for receiving this signal, and through a coaxial cable reaches the decoder. When the signal reaches the decoder, it arrives in a compressed way that TVs cannot understand. The decoder is responsible for transforming this compressed signal into a signal that the television can understand.  ChitramTV subcription renewal is very easy process.

Types of decoders

There are four types of decoders depending on how they receive the signal from the provider of the channels. These are:

DTT decoders: They are Digital Terrestrial Television encoders. Digital terrestrial television transmits the signal through the atmosphere and is captured by an antenna. The decoder is responsible for transforming that signal into channels.

FTA decoders: They are decoders that receive Free to Air signal, which means open signal, which is an unencrypted signal. They are free access channels from satellites.

Satellite decoders: The signal is transmitted by satellite (like the FTA), but in this case the signal is not open. You have to pay a lot to receive the channels.

Digital decoder: In this case, the signal reaches the decoder through terrestrial cables, from the supplier to the end user.

Advantages of TV decoders

The great popularity of TV decoders is due to the large number of advantages they offer. Without a doubt, the main one is that they allow you to enjoy hundreds of channels and with them a multitude of new television programs. Although you must not forget that they allow converting an old TV into a digital television. In addition, they offer a series of extra functionalities that expand the possibilities of many televisions. We can do ChitramTV recharge easily. Especially interesting is the possibility of connecting television to the internet.

Thanks to them, it is possible to give old televisions a new life or transform a computer monitor into a digital television.

They offer the possibility of enjoying hundreds of channels, opening the door to new content.

With them it is possible to access the programming of many foreign channels. They allow you to view the image of a channel while browsing other channels.

They have a parental control system so that children cannot access inappropriate content. ChitramTV yearly Subscription is beneficial for everyone.

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