How To Choose Best Water Purifier In India

Posted by Aboe Ael on January 15th, 2020

Things To Consider When You Buying A Water Purifier

Here is the some tips to buy best water purifiers for your home or any other place.

Tap/Faucet Mounted Filters or Gravity Based Water Purifiers

These kinds of filters or purifiers are easiest to use and provide the most basic water purification. These filters normally comprise of sediment or sediment + activated carbon filters which can eliminate large and un-dissolved impurities like mud and sand along with some compounds and microorganisms. Tap/Faucet Filters are very small in size and may be mounted on taps.

Gravity-based storage purifiers would be the advanced model of tap/faucet filters. These vacuums offer marginally advanced purification and include in-built storage tank to store input/impure water. Most of the Gravity established water purifiers available in the Indian market now have two different storage tanks for input/impure and output/purified water.

Tap/Faucet Mounted Filters and Gravity Based Purifiers are just suitable for regions in which the TDS level is reduced and water isn't highly contaminated with biological impurities like germs, viruses, and other naturally-occurring germs. We prefer you to take a look at this list of the best water purifiers in india for 2020

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purifiers

To understand the functioning of RO, we will need to understand what Osmosis is.

From the normal osmosis process, the water naturally flows from an area of low solute concentration (low TDS level), through a membrane, to an area of high solute concentration (high TDS level). The pores of the membrane are extremely little (approximately 0.0001 microns), water molecules being smaller are permitted to pass and also the tiniest dissolved impurities and bacteria are trapped.

As the name implies, Reverse Osmosis (RO) does precisely the opposite of Osmosis, which is, push the water molecules from the region of greater TDS degree to the area of lower TDS level. This is achieved by applying external pressure with the assistance of a water pump to reverse the natural flow of water. Water impurities or high TDS is pumped at high pressure into the RO chamber, this pushes the water molecules across the semi-permeable membrane to the other hand whilst leaving the dissolved solids and other impurities behind. All the dissolved solids and impurities along with some input water, also known as RO waste water, are discharged via a separate socket.

RO purifiers are consequently always suggested for purifying water that has a high TDS level. The TDS level of this output drinking water in RO purifier is quite low as compared to the water.

Some disadvantages of RO technologies:
Requires Electricity: A high-pressure electric water pump can be used to apply external pressure on the input water, hence RO purifiers cannot operate without electricity.
Wastes Water: A significant area of the input water is discharged together with the dissolved impurities, which leads to unnecessary wastage of water. Normally, RO purifiers produce 3 litres of waste water for every 1 litre of water that is purified.

Ultraviolet (UV) Purification

As its name implies, Ultraviolet or UV purification uses ultraviolet rays for the purification of water. A UV purifier operates by throwing high-intensity UV rays on the water that kills or inactivates the disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

But, UV purifiers can't remove any dissolved or un-dissolved impurities or compounds from water. Because of which most of the UV purifiers that are available in the marketplace use some kind of external sediment pre-filters to get rid of un-dissolved impurities and activated carbon filter to remove Chlorine and some dissolved impurities.

Therefore, UV water purifiers are only suggested for areas where the water source has a low degree of TDS.

In case the water has reduced TDS level but it is contaminated with germs and viruses and looks muddy then it is possible to utilize UF+UV water purifier.

Ultrafiltration (UF)

Much like RO, Ultrafiltration additionally uses a semi-permeable membrane to purify water. After reading the very first sentence, you must now be thinking if both RO and UF use the same method to purify the water then what's the difference between RO and UF. Ultrafiltration or UF uses a membrane with much bigger pores (appx. 0.01 microns) as compared to RO that uses a membrane with very small pores (appx. 0.0001 microns).

The benefit of using Ultrafiltration is UF purifiers can operate without electricity since the membrane has considerably larger pores and water can pass through it obviously utilizing the force of gravity. Which means no outside water or pressure pump is necessary. Also, since UF vacuums do not hold any water back, there is no wastage of water.

But there are some limitations of using UF purifiers, because of larger pore size, UF can simply remove un-dissolved solids and larger impurities. It can't get rid of the dissolved solids or lessen the TDS amount. So, UF purifiers are not acceptable for elimination of high TDS water or hard water.

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