How to get rid of flying cockroach

Posted by arnob12 on January 15th, 2020

When I was 21, I took a job at a  southern seafood restaurant in Polk County, Florida. I was one of the three cooks at this well-known popular place, known for their fried catfish. One particular evening I was talking (which wasn't unusual for me) when a strange insect flew straight into my mouth. As I  quickly spit it out, I realized that a giant cockroach made his way into one of my most sacred places.

I went to the bathroom after a few shouts and washed my mouth out quite a few times.  Having moved to Florida from New Jersey when I was 17, I was shocked at first sight of gigantic roaches. They were everywhere in my bedroom and yes-even in restaurants. But I had an encounter with a flying cockroach. Floridians called them "Palmetto  Bugs." I call them thoroughly disgusting and stomach-wrenching-  especially if they make their way to your mouth.

Just how big are these guys? Well, 'let's say that they make the German cockroach look like ants!   These cockroaches are around the size of your thumb with a pair of wings. Not only are they more significant than their cousin the German cockroach-but, but they are also more scary and ugly looking. Just look at this picture. Would you want one of these flyings in your mouth?

 Not only are they ugly, but they carry diseases as well. These giant critters are also attracted to light. And to make matters worse, they tend to hover around human faces. That explains why I had an unwelcome visitor that evening. The average cockroach hates light. German roaches, for example, will run once you turn your light on.You can use roach killer safe for pets Insecticide to get rif of once in for all.

But not  these ugly insects. They like light! 'That's a scary thing considering that some of us want an occasional midnight snack. So we go to our refrigerators and as soon as we open the door the light comes on and flying roaches are suddenly flying towards us. Yikes!

Did you know they are also attracted to body heat? On a hot summer evening just as you get ready to fall asleep, you feel something fly on your head. What do you think it could be? You guessed it-The Palmetto Bug!

So who are these flying insects? They are the Asian Cockroach. They have been seen in Central Florida,  including Pensacola and other areas of the Florida panhandle as well as East Central Georgia. They are attracted to your home when the sun sets and can be seen flying towards light. They are commonly found in turfgrass and have been seen flying indoors and across televisions and computer monitors.

So when are these pesky flying insects most active? The Palmetto Bug is most active at dusk and seems to be attracted to light that reflects off light-colored walls, windows,  and doorways. These frequent flyers can fly at a distance of 150  feet. You can see them resting on lighted walls. Once you turn out the light 'you're troubles aren't over.

They will follow you to the next bright room. These pests are not easy to exterminate because of their natural habitat and flying abilities. Believe me;  you 'don't want these guys to set up home in your house. If you think the little roaches are scary, you 'haven't seen anything yet.  While this carton may look cute-remember, summer has arrived, and you never know when one of these giant creatures is lurking just behind your back-waiting to jump on your head, in your ear, or worse, in your mouth!

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