8 Rules For No Strings Attached Sex

Posted by Juanes Garza on January 15th, 2020

That is where the idea of ​​"friends with benefits" came from.

Furthermore, men shouldn’t have a monopoly on bootie calls when its a fact that women also have the same needs.

So, is it possible to have a casual partner and keep her as such, keeping emotions out of the picture?

Let’s Find Out:

1. Be sure that you both want the same.

If you want thistype of love affair to continue, then make sure to be clear that it’s just a mutual sexual outlet and nothing more.

You never want to play dodging games with your playmate.

2. Be safe.

Even if she’s on the pill, you should always use a condom.

You never know what your mate does outside of you.

So, don’t play the condom comes-off game on the account that you know her.

3. Make sure sex is the main event.

There is no need to get laid and then watch a movie after.

If she’s a regular lay, the tendency to want to snuggle will be there which may be a trap, so get to the point and always have some type of urgency to split.

4. Don't fiddle around

Think of your sex like a massage session that ends in one hour.

You get serviced and so does she, and so no need to play games, get to business!

5. Be spontaneous.

What’s the point of meaningless sex if you can't have it when you want?

That’s what makes it a bootie call, so never be afraid to pick up the phone.

Also, if possible, tell her to make spontaneous calls too.

6. Don't think too much

A drunk guy has a better chance of getting laid because he just goes for it.

So don’t analyze, project, or rationalize, try to keep your encounters within a dream state spectrum.

Relax and enjoy the ride, literally.

7. Try something new.

Having a playmate is perfect for showing up in a police outfit or showing up to her doorstep wearing a trench coat and nothing else.

There is no better time and place than acting out your wildest dreams with a playmate.

8. Never get personal

You don't need to nor want to know each other personally.

The fun and fantasy behind having a playmate: is enticed through not knowing each other, so keep your personal lives aside.

And finally, remember that the closer the ties, the more the playmate adventures will die off which means to lay off texting, or anything that’ll create a knot between you.

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