Top Google Ranking Factors 2020, Recommend by SEO Pundits

Posted by seoservice123 on January 16th, 2020

Google the largest search engine undergoes several changes in a year to ensure quality results to online user. In the year 2020, it has already made the various updates in its ranking algorithm putting the webmasters or online marketer in the trouble of deciding what new to do this year to rank the website at top without breaching the policies or guidelines of Google. At, SEO Company Delhi,we’re providing you the top important ranking factors as recommend by experienced pundits after doing the comprehensive and in-depth research:  

  1. Professionally designed website

Efficiently designed website with all impressive looks brings the online visitors and allows them to get more. Now when you’ve the attractively designed website to engage the audience, give more focus on engaging them for a long time.

Update the relevant information useful for the visitors such as contact us, about us, website blogs, landing page, etc with fresh and unique content to let them know who you are and what you offer. Clearly label the content on each page giving the descriptive information that Google appreciate.  

Google give the high preference to a site that loads faster. The site which takes longer time to load ultimately loses the search engine ranking credibility and user’s attention. Use the proper navigation to allow user find the required content easily and quickly without getting distracted or wasting time.

  1. Content

Since inception till now, content has always been the real king of SEO and is considered Google’s most important ranking factor in future also. Unique and comprehensive content with searchable keywords and appealing visual elements such as images, videos, and info graphics enhance the chances for improved ranking. Hiring the team of professional content writers can help you with the successful content writing avoiding the duplicate or low quality content.

  1. Mobile-friendliness

In 2015, Google has clearly introduced that non-responsive website which is not optimized for mobile devices have no space in Google ranking. Last year, Google’s new update of mobile-first indexing (first crawl site’s mobile version rather than desktop one) has created the biggest challenge for the website owners whose sites is not responsive. Many websites have been punished by the Google in 2018 for providing users the accessibility with extra zooming and pinching.

There are many webmasters who starts the process of creating the mobile version but don’t wait for its completion and launch it in the middle. This is one of the biggest mistake ever because unfinished and broken version might put the site into the danger losing the ranking. You can use Google Search Console to add and validate the site’s mobile version.

  1. Sitemap

This is another most important factor to link up with Google’s algorithm providing search engine the list of all pages of a site. It helps to allow search engine bot index the web pages quickly by analyzing the importance of content and website structure.   

  1. Schema

Schema markup helps search engines give the useful and informative result to online users and gain the significant boost in the result pages or SERP. Using the Structured Data Markup Helper to create the markup code to include in web pages helps to identify the kind of information in each page and gain the higher marks in the eyes of Google.

  1. Google local business

Google local is a comprehensive listing for the local businesses where users can see the Google+ page of business with good information, give reviews, and do more updates. The listing appears in local searches through Google+ of users. Local SEO is the best away for small and medium sized businesses that need to target the audience of local region. If you want your website to reach the audience in locality or within the close proximity then registers business in Google maps and use result oriented SEO tactics for improved ranking.  

  1. Blogging and guest posting

High quality, straightforward, clear, engaging, and readable content in a nicely designed blogging site is the most powerful tool to provide information users love to read and share. You can also create the good guest post and publish it into other high ranking and popular blogging website to get the better links and improved customer engagement.

  1. Backlinks

With more and more updates about quality links, it becomes necessary for webmasters to build the strong link building campaign. If you’re getting the huge amount of backlinks, take into account the significant ranking signals such as link authority, number of backlinks, its domain age, diversity, anchor text, and age.

Create the excellent quality content and promote it on several media channels and popular sites to approach the better link building. Analyze how many of quality links you are getting from that content. Remove the spammy and poor links to avoid Google penalty.   

  1. Social networks

When discussing about the important Google ranking factors, one could never forget to mention about the social media channels. Remaining active and doing the regular updates on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc not only creates the brand awareness but helps to get the business on top of SERP by providing the useful social signals to search engine.

  1. Other essential factors

Apart from the abovementioned factors, there are some more important elements that play a crucial role in improving the Google ranking. Here are other factors that website owner should take into consideration while doing search engine optimization:ü  Anchor text



Domain name, age, length, and country TLD extension

 Keyword in URL, title, description, H1 tag, keyword density

Broken or dead links

Contextual links

Direct and repeat traffic

Click through ratio

Search engine optimization is the ever-changing trend. What seems highly imperative today becomes the things of past tomorrow. Doing SEO while considering these important ranking factors help to protect the ranking of website naturally for all targeted keywords and come out ahead of the competition. Leading and well practiced experts providing the best SEO Services Delhi do more and more research to get the more updated knowledge of Google’s algorithm changes and discover perfect ways to survive optimally without undergoing any fluctuation in ranking.

Don’t hesitate to share your views or give your comments if you’ve any inventive idea for better ranking. Leave your comment if you’ve tried something or going to use any trick for these ranking factors.    

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