Why One Should Master Vue.js for Learning Front-End Development

Posted by Capital Numbers on January 16th, 2020

Vue.js has taken front-end development to new heights after its initial launch in 2014. Gaining popularity like no other, the framework has already excelled React.js by GitHub mentions - consequentially, more and more developers have started considering Vue.js for their next web project.

Nevertheless, the framework has a long way to go to surpass its main rival in the market. Due to its immense benefits, the demand to hire Vue.js developer has remarkably increased in the industry today. From this standpoint, Vue.js is exactly a framework a budding front-end shout to start with.

Vue.js Use Cases:

To be able to know why one should learn Vue.js, it is crucial to understand in which cases the framework is superior to all the alternatives presented. Let’s check out some Vue.js examples where the framework is a developer’s safest bet.

Proof of Concept:

For a development company to validate the product, there’s no need to put too much time and thought into building advanced front-end. All that is required for a developer to do is to showcase a few essential features or present the page layout. Here’s why Vue.js does a fantastic job at that. Hire dedicated Vue.JS developers to create a super fast and efficient template.

l Minimal syntax challenges! Using Vue allows developers to use standard HTML for front-end without the hassle of writing complex JS code. All the more, the framework is useful in creating reusable elements based on the view data.

l The ability to create custom elements increases the level of code reusability and expedite the development process.

l Simplified refactoring. Vue.js speeds up refactoring big projects in comparison to any other framework after all.

Creating SPAs:

Single-page applications are another convenient way to use Vue.js. The framework is supremely capable of generating robust interfaces. It comes with essential flexibility to allow developers to write code differently. An app built with Vue.js can be run from a browser - this accelerates the act of testing.

Moreover, if an application is built on JS, it can be unified with Vue.js. This diminishes the need to create new applications provided developers use Vue.js. Depending on requirements, they can alter the existing one as well. Hire offshore Vue.js developers to offer a great user experience by providing real-time processed applications.

Empowering Interfaces for Highly Scalable Products:

As an intuitive and useful framework, Vue.js is an ideal option for projects with a rapidly growing user base. As might be expected, there isn’t a particular type of service the framework stands up for. Mostly, it benefits retailers, web extensions, social media platforms, and streaming services. Extensively used for projects like Facebook’s Newsfeed, Vue.js has taken the IT world by storm in terms of scalability and performance.

The First Framework to Master While Learning Front-end:

On StackOverflow or Reddit, most of the developers tend to recommend Vue.js - a go-to choice to start front-end development. Still, the primary recommended choice for beginners is Query.js.

However, as its popularity has increased over the last four years, Vue.js might just have gone a long way to beat its rival Query in terms of simplicity. Let’s check on why the framework is a real deal for budding front-end developers.

l Simple, well-organized implementation 

l A Vue.js file can be integrated with a webpage file 

l Narrow use cases 

Opportunities Vue.js Brings to the Market

l Just as mentioned, Vue.js helps revive HTML, thereby enabling developers to edit the markup code. Not only does it make the language more powerful by integrating new features, but it also helps manipulate them with an advanced data binding feature called v-blind.

l The purpose of using Vue.js is to redefine code reusability and take it a whole new level. It makes the development faster and more template-based, thereby reducing the total turnaround time for a project.

l Thanks to its simplicity, Vue.js offers an opportunity for newbie developers to start learning front-end development from scratch. In the coming years, it is likely to attract more developers to the market.


Vue.js is new in-thing to the market. Despite the scope to improve it further, the demand for this framework has increased, consequentially, the growing popularity has lead to the emergence of many promising companies. Check them on and choose the best Vuejs Development Company for your next project.

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