micro surface/thin slurry seal layer car

Posted by Allen Lee on January 16th, 2020

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micro surface/thin slurry seal layer car
Model No.: YZR Series Place of Origin: China Manufacturers

Equipment is introduced


"Intelligent adhesion and slurry sealing layer car" is a new edge road maintenance tool elaborately created by the state engineering laboratory of highway maintenance equipment in combination with the current cutting-edge new road maintenance technology and technology.

The appearance and structure of the equipment take on a new look and the overall atmosphere is fashionable. Power system optimization and upgrading again, power more powerful energy saving. The equipment has powerful functions, which can be used for both sticky oil spraying and fiber micro-surface construction.

An intelligent control system combined with an intelligent sheng gong cloud comprehensive service platform can realize remote data transmission and diagnosis, providing customers with brand new use and service experience.

China Machinery Manufacturers

1, intelligent control system, using industrial controller, hydraulic proportional control system, to ensure the consistency of slurry mixture ratio and viscosity oil distribution uniformity;

2. Optimize and upgrade the auxiliary engine system and multiple sets of independent hydraulic power systems, providing a strong, continuous and stable power source for the whole machine, so as to improve the construction efficiency and quality again;

3, the innovative structure of mixing device, using double shaft strong mixing, full power pulp effect.Hard alloy blade with high strength, strong and durable life;

4, the innovative design of grade 1 ingredients stored in the transport system, can be adapted to a variety of stone, no matter how the stone moisture content, can be continuous and stable output;

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5. Telescopic double-axis paving-box, with freely combined paving-width, can meet the requirements of different paving-ways. The secondary mixing during paving-process can effectively control the mixing effect of materials and improve the pavement construction quality.

6. The patented fiber adding system adopts a radioactive shearing wheel, with small volume, high efficiency and accurate measurement, which can meet the fiber requirements of various construction technologies.

7. To meet the needs of the development of new technology, the equipment is equipped with a sticky oil asphalt tank and its spreading device. Through accurate measurement of the control system, a variety of sticky oil spreading operations can be uniformly completed. In the absence of slurry seal layer or micro-surface construction technology, we can use a sticky oil sprinkling system, as a small emulsified asphalt sprinkling car to complete small-scale sprinkling operations.

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