How stainless steel profile pipe produced?

Posted by tubewell on January 16th, 2020

Profile pipes are currently very popular among stainless steel pipe manufacturers in india and specialists in other fields. They stand out among all pipe products in an unusual shape - oval, rectangular, or square, which is extremely convenient when creating various designs. Various types of metal are used for the manufacture of such products. However, such a pipe occupies a special place - it is highly resistant to corrosion and strength.

They produce a profile stainless pipe in various ways:

  • cold deformation;
  • hot deformation;
  • reduction;
  • welding method.

 Seamless Stainless Steel Square Pipe products are produced by specialized ones (for pipelines, installation in boiler rooms, various machine parts, and so on) and general use. During hot or cold deformation, the production process takes place on special rolling equipment for longitudinal flashing of heated or cooled round billets. Then comes the surface treatment of the finished product. Reduction consists of stretching and, at the same time, side-firing a stainless steel circle (use cold and hot billets).


Welded products are obtained with a seam. The main manufacturing methods:

  • high-frequency electric welding;
  • laser welding;
  • plasma welding;
  • in an inert gas by tungsten electrodes.

A round Stainless Steel Rectangular Pipe is rolled in line with the welding equipment. Simultaneously with the profiling of a rectangular or square shape, welding is performed. Also, the manufacturing process may consist of welding strips of sheet stainless steel after giving them the desired profile.

At the last stage of production, the profile pipe is subjected to processing:

  • thermal - firing;
  • chemical - etching;
  • mechanical - grinding.

Types of stainless profile types by surface type

  • Matte, rough
  • matte but smooth;

Polished with medium risks -

  • Finishing was carried out with a coarse abrasive belt with a grit of 320;
  • polished with small dashes (not mirror) - final processing using a less coarse tape with 400 grit;
  • mirror (polished) - finishing was carried out using fabric polishing tapes.

The most demanded polished profile pipes. STAINLESS STEEL 304 TUBE are made of the stainless strip (tape) by welding. The mirror surface is obtained in the process of processing the workpiece on a specialized machine using grinding paste. Polishing is carried out for the outer and inner surfaces. Mirror profile product at cost is much more expensive. Polishing stainless steel pipes is a very time-consuming process, but almost all are automated.

Advantages and characteristics of stainless steel profile pipes

316 STAINLESS STEEL PIPE products combine the following qualities and advantages:

  • has high strength with low weight;
  • mounted easier than other products for construction purposes;
  • withstands significant loads due to their distribution at the edges (on the walls);
  • at a temperature difference retains its properties;
  • good indicators of flexibility and torsion;
  • convenient laying of the pipeline from it on flat surfaces;
  • high corrosion resistance, long service life;
  • fire resistance;
  • high environmental safety;
  • it is easily cleared of pollution - a high level of hygiene;
  • high aesthetics - does not require additional surface treatment;

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