Is Business VoIP Canada a Good Choice?

Posted by Voiswitch Inc on January 16th, 2020

Many business owners are today on the fence over the transition to make for business VoIP. They aren’t able to decide why they should make the transition, whether the traditional phone systems are good enough. The question that you need to ask here is whether the system is good enough for tomorrow?

If you need compelling reasons to shift to a VoIP based business communication platform, then this blog post is just for you. Today we take a look at some facts that make a strong case of making the shift to VoIP and making traditional phones obsolete (just the way your competition has already done in the last few years).

Fact#1 – It is suitable for 2020 and beyond

The best way to future proof your business is to kill the traditional phone systems and embrace VoIP. Right from falling bandwidth costs, to tech advancements, many factors come together beautifully to make VoIP the de-facto mode of communication for today’s businesses. VoIP only needs a decent internet connection to ensure that everyone in the organization can make and receive calls without any downtime associated with the system.

Fact#2 – It is best for remote workers

Today, we see a spurt in the occurrences of employees logging in from home. Many employees also prefer working part-time or logging in from a café or co-working space. The best news is that VoIP supports anytime and anywhere communication. Your team is assured to remain present at all times during office hours and easily accessible irrespective of which geographical location they are logging in from. No issues with bad mobile reception or problems with connectivity. If the locality has an internet facility, then the employee can remain accessible at all times.

Fact#3 – It is cost-effective

The attractive pricing plans are one more reason why your business needs to adopt VoIP pronto. Thanks to the fast decreasing internet access costs, VoIP services are now a fraction of what they cost a few years back. All you need to do is pick the right Business VoIP Canada and get a fantastic ROI for your investment with this type of business communication.

Fact#4 – Better scalability

Imagine if you were to expand from 10 members to 70 members in 2020. Do you expect to lay cables for the new 60 members and then start using the systems? How about going for VoIP and merely scaling up as per your growth objective and business plan?

To conclude

These were some excellent points that support the statement – “You should make a move to a VoIP based phone system for your business’. The cost efficiency and the productivity boost are significant advantages that you would not want to lose out on.

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