The Basics of Cloud PBX

Posted by Voiswitch Inc on January 16th, 2020

The world of communications has evolved significantly over the last decade. We see the emergence of new-age communication solutions and technologies to power up the way we talk and collaborate in a corporate landscape. A cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is one such innovation that facilitates seamless communication for the enterprise customer. It signifies the delivery of voice communication services over the IP (or Internet).

This type of PBX is a significant improvement over traditional circuit-based PBX systems, as it uses technology like LAN or WAN for delivering the service. Estimates show that the worldwide Cloud PBX market will rise to approximately .83 Billion by 2023.

Traditional PBX versus cloud PBX

The conventional PBX systems are enormous, bulky, costly and high maintenance. Cloud PBX is much simpler, and the user can use in a multi-functional way. Cloud PBX uses the VoIP system to make and receive calls. VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol or IP technology which uses the internet IP address for the connection.

Benefits of a cloud PBX:

Modern-day design

Cloud PBX does not require hardware; the cloud architecture and infrastructure will enable the Hosted PBX. Cloud PBX is simple and easy to operate, as you need to have just two major components – an Internet connection and a communicating device. The device can be your Softphone or mobile phones.

Better reliability

You can operate a Cloud PBX from any part of the world, using a single setup for operations from various locations. The significant issues of system failure are no more issues. If one data center is facing some technical challenges, there is no need to shut down the service. The communication will not be disturbed.


People use Cloud PBX through the Internet medium. Modern-day service providers ensure a robust and secure system to protect enterprise-level communication. They enable steps like two-factor authentication and VoIP security measures, for a highly secure medium of communication.

The preferred choice of market leaders

The reason Cloud PBX is one of the most preferred options in the market is that its cost-effective, scalable, flexible and straightforward. As a result, you don’t need to have an individual operator or domain knowledge for using it efficiently. Many international organizations and institutions have already started using this system.


These were a few significant reasons why it makes total sense to switch from traditional PBX to the future-ready cloud PBX. The highly secure and robust system works 24x7 without a call drop or system shutdown. It is easy to set up, configure, and use cloud PBX without any specialist expertise needed.

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