How YouTube aids in the Back linking process for SEO

Posted by Parth Shah on January 16th, 2020

All these years YouTube has gained complete dominance as the largest online video streaming platform in the world, encouraging the best digital marketing companies to focus on YouTube as a major marketing channel to create backlinks for your brand. YouTube has immense popularity, with over 1.9 Billion users, making it the second most popular social network in the world. So much activity takes place on YouTube that makes it the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. Here are a few tips on how you can accelerate the backlinking process for your brand:

List out your keywords: Just like our SEO and SEM practices, list out whatever search keyword that belongs to the niche or target audience. Use the search box at the top of the YouTube website and search a keyword relating to your target for eg: If you are an online marketing agencyand you want to upload a video about tips to improve sales, type ‘sales’ or ‘sales tips’ in the search box, you will get a variety of search suggestions like ‘sales tips for beginners’ or ‘sales motivation’, ‘sales tips and techniques’, etc. Now keep in mind, most of these search suggestions will be long-tail search inputs. Long-tail search keywords are more likely to be used in search inputs so pick out more of these keywords and add them to your list.

Test the keywords on Google: You can also make your videos visible in Google search results to drive additional traffic to your videos. Use the keyword planner to find out the best keywords on Google that are relevant to your business and list them down. Test them and narrow down on those keywords that have video search results on Google. For eg: If your video is about running ads on Facebook in social media marketing, consider optimizing your videos for with keywords such as ‘Facebook ads tutorial’, ‘Facebook marketing tutorial’, etc. so that when someone searches on Google your video comes up as a video result. The best keywords offering video search results will be keywords whose search volume is as high as possible and competition is as low as possible. Go for long-tail keywords since they are more likely to offer video results and hence your video will come up on Google if optimized well.

Say your Keywords in the video: Usually, it is important to write the keywords you pick out in the description, title, etc. But when it comes to videos on YouTube, not only text but saying the keywords in audio is also important as it positively impacts your rankings. You all must be wondering how is that possible? Well, when you speak in a video, YouTube transcribes the video. So when you will say the top search keywords in your video YouTube will be able to detect them through the transcription because of which your rankings will race to the top! For eg: If you are making a video about internet marketing tutorials and ranking your video around the keyword ‘internet marketing company’, saying the keyword will help YouTube better understand that your video is more relevant to that keyword.

Put out great content: Audiences won’t appreciate your video if the content isn’t good. Put efforts into writing videos that are engaging and informative. If it’s entertainment, give it your best shot to make the video a memorable experience. Use the best equipment for creating your videos. Improving the quality of your content will not only attract more viewers and market itself through word of mouth, but Google will also recognize it as a better search result compared to others. Social Media Marketing Companies usually have skilled content creators in their arsenal to create high-quality YouTube content for various brands.

Work towards engagement: Try to bring in as much engagement as possible. Invite audiences to comment on your YouTube video, ask them to subscribe to your channel, like and share your video with their friends who will find value in it. If you have more positive engagement in your video compared to other videos, your video will receive more credibility which will automatically take your video to higher ranks on the search engine result pages of both, YouTube and Google.

Implement these following practices into your YouTube SEO process to bring out maximum potential from your YouTube videos. In 2020, both Google and YouTube search engines are getting smarter and not implementing proper SEO practices will let several of your competitors race ahead, because of which your backlinks will poorly perform and you won’t get adequate website traffic. If focusing on SEO is difficult for you, Get in touch with us to talk more about the SEO requirements for your brand so that your management can solely work on core activities. The team at Digitactix, an award-winning SEO agency in Mumbai, is skilled and experienced to do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to making your brand’s marketing assets search engine friendly.

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