How to Get Traffic Using YouTube

Posted by kunal on January 17th, 2020

The world is always changing, and it is the job of a successful online website manager to use all the tools at his disposal. One of the newest tools in this shack is certainly YouTube. With this, any user can create videos which in turn have back links to his website. Now the only question  best network for free YouTube likes and subscribers to ask is, "How do I get views? What attracts viewers to my video and not that of another? How do I make it onto the first pages of a YouTube search?"

Now, the first thing to do when making a video is to think about how it relates to your website. If your website is about building muscles and your video is about the new Barbie collection, then you are going to have trouble targeting your audience. Instead, go with tutorial videos. Those are never the wrong choice, and chances are you are good at something that you can express. One tip though, make sure you are talking and giving instructions in the video otherwise it could seem really impersonal and boring. Just think about all those videos where there is only someone doing something and there are no instructions. Yah, it was not all that informative and you immediately clicked away. If you are against tutorial videos, you can make a very interesting video that has the possibility of going viral. This could be something funny and have a pinch of ridiculousness, but there needs to be some tie to your topic. For example, to use this in the example of a muscle building website, you could make a video of a baby beating up a grown up and then put in your slogan. This has a chance of getting you many views and is certainly funny. These YouTube views then turn into website views, which then turn into money. In the end, it's your creativity and ability to stand out that counts for the most.

Next, how do you get a high YouTube rank? Well, its not all that difficult. Pick a good keyword and make sure your video is getting some views from friends or people from an email list. This will ensure that your video is off to a good start. People are always more likely to click on videos that have many views because they seem more popular. Another tip is to start in a small and precise nitch. Do not name your first video, "how to build muscle", instead make it more precise and relate it to a certain workout or part of the body. Once you have enough subscribers, then you are ready for the big league of videos.

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