2 Requirements to Become a Surrogate Mother

Posted by Moe on January 17th, 2020

If you have been carefully considering being a surrogate mother, then maybe you have reached this article as you are researching on this new journey you want to embark on. We have enlisted here the general requirements as set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and some essential points to remember. 

surrogate mother

Just a reminder, though, policies differ per surrogacy agency, so it is always best to talk with your chosen agency to be sure what their requirements are.

1. General requirements as per the American Society of Reproductive Medicine

  • age range is 21- 45

  • should have a healthy body mass index of 30 or less

  • non- smoker and does not use illegal drugs

  • doesn’t take anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications for at least a year before the application for surrogacy

  • not infected with any STDs for at least a year

  • should have no history of postpartum depression

  • should not have major complications from a previous pregnancy 

  • no new tattoo or piercing within a year prior to the start of surrogacy

  • currently has no government assistance

  • currently nurturing a child or children at home

  • not convicted of any felony

  • can travel as required for appointments

  • stable support system and lifestyle

 Another essential requirement is that you should have at least successfully given birth once and not more than five times normal delivery or three cesarean deliveries. You might be wondering why the requirements are these strict. Still, you have to understand that being a surrogate means carrying a child, and you are needed to be physically healthy and emotionally prepared and stable as well.  

2. Medical requirements

Again, as a surrogate, you need to be at the top of your health. And monitoring your health is an essential process in the assurance that you are healthy enough to carry a child. You will be subjected to various laboratory tests such as screening for STDs and other diseases that can disrupt your fertility, ultrasound, and drug testing.


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