To Apply or Not to Apply Primer Paint? What Should You Do?

Posted by Benjamin Moore Newton on January 17th, 2020

Every homeowner painting their home faces the big dilemma of whether or not they should use a primer paint in Surrey. Is it really a necessary step? When do you need a primer paint in Surrey? What difference does it make?

You will also find that there is no exact answer when getting professionals to help you paint your home. Paint manufacturers will recommend using a primer paint in Surrey first to bring out the true color of the paint. Paint contractors charging their customers on a per hour basis might also recommend using primer paint in Surrey. Some contractors who will charge on a per-project basis might opt to not get a primer at all.

It’s important to first understand what the role of a primer paint in Surrey is. Basically, it is used to stabilize the surface of the material you are painting on. It can also be used to create a more flawless paint appearance. You can use it to hide imperfections on the surface of what you are painting on.

Here are the instances when you will need to add a primer:

  1. Use it when the surface you are working is porous

Porous surfaces such as new drywall tend to absorb more paint, so if you paint over them without using a primer first, you could end up consuming more paint. Raw wood is also another porous material that needs a primer. Since it hasn’t been treated before, it has open pores that will soak up the paint. If you are working on these materials, you should apply a primer first.

  1. Use it on a skim-coated drywall

A skim coat is a drywall compound that is placed on the surface of untreated and unfinished drywall. Although it is not usual for houses to have a skim coating because it is considered the highest form of finishing, there may be instances when you will encounter this. Since this has a high porosity, it is important that you use a primer.

  1. Use it to tone down the glossiness of the previous paint

Is the old paint glossy? Does it have a base coating that is glossy? You need to apply a primer first. It is more difficult to paint over glossy paint coatings because the paint just glides over the surface, leaving you with streaky marks. You will have a hard time making the color pop out. Use a primer to prevent this from happening.

You also need to apply a primer when you are transitioning from dark paint color to a light one or when you are dealing with surfaces that are heavily stained.

When buying a primer, make sure you get one with the best quality. Benjamin Moore Newton makes a high-quality primer that will be the best accompaniment to your paint.

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